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Police Activated Drones Among Kevarim Of Meron Victims

The members of the Elhadad and Joseph families, who lost their children in the Meron disaster last year, encountered a shocking situation when they tried to daven at the kevarim of their children – who are buried at the Meron cemetery – on Lag B’Omer,  B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

According to the report, family members complained on Sunday to the Badatz Eidah HaChareidis in Jerusalem about, among other things, the desecration of their children’s kevarim in the beis kevaros at Meron.

Both families had been told by the Meron project manager and the police that they would be allowed free access to the kevarim on the yahrtzeit. But on Lag B’Omer, the family members were astounded to see that the road to the beis kevaros was blocked and they weren’t allowed access to the kevarim. After over an hour of standing in the hot sun, the police agreed to let in only a few family members.

Additionally, they said that were shocked to find that the police had set up a makeshift headquarters in the cemetery from where they were activating police drones that were monitoring the Meron site. The relatives said that the police officers had situated themselves between the matzeivos, which they view as a severe desecration of the kevarim. When one of them took out his camera to photograph what he was seeing, the police stationed there told them that photography was forbidden and any violation would be considered a criminal offense.

The family members were also forced to shorten their tefillos by the kevarim due to the police activities at the site.

One of the parents told B’Chadrei that they couldn’t imagine why they and the kevarim were treated so disgracefully on such a painful day for them. “There wasn’t enough room in the open areas around Meron to place the drone control center that it had to be davka on and between the kevarim?”

B’Chadrei requested a response on the issue from Israel Police but has not yet received one.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

8 Responses

  1. I heard from a reliable source that the Police were expecting troublemakers.
    The cemetery is the best place where to hide.
    Sorry if you got offended. I am sure the Niftarim were not offended, for them it was a great Zechus.
    Again sorry if you got offended.

  2. The Tziyonim yemach shemom would do anything to show and proclaim that they are non believers and that they have no respect for the jewish religion etc.

  3. Ooooh lov lov lov it so let’s recap the events of lag Baomer this year as gathered from the various articles on yeshiva world news: the police had a field trip! Yay! Now I get it! So cute! You see, while one group lolled around an ancient tourist attraction eating pizza, a different group dressed up as Roman battalions and marched on any Jews they could find in the area, and a different group played with drones in a cool park with stones and grass, and a different group kept families with babies and toddlers on busses for ten hours straight in the boiling heat with no bathrooms… just for fun.
    Damn! Where do I sign up? Sounds so fun!
    Yemach shemam vsheim zichram.

  4. @Marxist, darling, you’re making me ruin the whole post by explaining it to you. Humph. What I do for you… 1) The cops were chilling eating pizza in the kever compound while keeping out the crowds because apparently they needed more room to spread out as they ate. 2) I trust you saw the pictures of the cops marching around like a bunch of retards around the time they decided they should shut the place down. They actually looked like they were dressed up as a Roman legion. Legit. 3) The cops controlled their drones from in between kevarim in the cemetery. (Like, did you read the article?) 4) I trust you understand the reference to the busses/toddlers/busses/etc.; it was pretty straightforward. So, wanna be my buddy as we join the cops on their next outing? Gonna be lit! In hell, I mean, of course.

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