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Lieberman’s Incitement Continues: “Chareidi MKs Only Care About Money & Honor”

As the prospect of another election continues to loom, Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman  continues to heighten his rhetoric against Chareidim.

Lieberman spoke at the annual conference of the Aharon Institute for Economic Policy at Reichman University on Wednesday, and of course, Leiberman spoke about the most pressing issue in the Israeli economy – the Chareidim.

“There’s a basic lack of understanding,” he said. “I’m not against Chareidim but against the Chareidi leadership. I’m for Chareidim and against their leaders. The Chareidi parties have been in power since 1977 apart from a few breaks. How is it that this sector lives in poverty compared to other sectors?”

Lieberman continued by saying that the answer is that the Chareidi sector has a low percentage of eligibility for matriculation exams compared to other sectors and the Shas and UTJ parties are to blame. “Because what interests their leadership is only money and honor,” he said.

This isn’t the first time that Lieberman claimed that all of the problems of the Chareidi sector are due to Chareidi politicians, whom he claims have a vested interest in continuing the cycle of poverty in the sector.

Channel 14 News reporter Yinon Magal responded to the report by sardonically stating: “A fascinating phenomenon. The closer we get to elections, the more Lieberman’s love and worry for the Chareidim grows.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

8 Responses

  1. Raschah.Is he educated. He was the one who stood outside the nightclubs to decide whop can go in and who not.N he hasa big mouth is a schoneh Israel and a Rascha

  2. They only care about $ and honor, Oh! And he’s a great example of a politician who doesn’t, sure thing.

  3. True !!!
    Otherwise he wouldn’t be in ruling coalitions denigrating frum yiden.
    HaShem has a funny way of telling us the truth through the words of antisemites. Are you listening Jews.
    Our leaders are selfishly destroying the country otherwise Bennet and Arabs wouldn’t RUN THE COUNTRY AFTER SO MANY ELECTIONS.

  4. > How is it that this sector lives in poverty compared to other sectors?”

    This is a re-run of an apocryphal question hedge fund managers asked of economists: if you are so smart, why are so poor!? To which, economists replied: if you are so rich, why are you so dumb?!

    In truth, both sides have a point. There is no shame if someone wants to be poor, be a mensch and learn Torah. This is usually a minority. And it is also right to worry about economic condition of multitudes of yidden who could live happier lives. Just do it the right way.

    There is no reason for this to be a rude fight. At least, a former bouncer who grew up under oppression and is zoche to have a shomer-shabbos son has an excuse. What is excuse of people who grew up with Torah education to talk the same way, I do not know.

  5. Guteyid- make no mistake
    LIBERMAN is 100% Jewish. His son and grandchildren are “Charedi” living in Jerusalem.
    And so is his mindset
    Where there is no Torah there is Tumma. Israeli secular mentality is all about blind hate and total power. Unfortunately the charedi Elite who are used to free car and apartment and perks ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
    The charedi Elite who are benefiting DONT WANT CHANGE UNLESS THEY BENEFIT PERSONALLY AND THE WAY THEY EXPRESS THAT IS through their uniform of black hat and facial hair and talking points.
    There is no desire to change the system because there is no benefit for them.
    There is no unity because it’s all about personal and group power and Gaava.
    So as results citizen Jewish people are / have been suffering and will continue to suffer because of the selfish and not selflessness of their “leaders”.

    If you put a rose in a pigsty, you get the stench of pigs. The sad part is they know this yet they still continue see themselves as righteous men in uniform with facial hair. PONDER THIS

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