Frightening Video Of Near-Lynch In French Hill Published


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Channel 12 News published a video on Thursday night of the lynching attempt of off-duty Border Police officers and a civilian in French Hill late Wednesday night.

In the video, the Arabs can be seen smashing the windshields of the car and removing the driver from the car, and then strangling him and beating him.

The Arabs also stole one of the officer’s guns. The other cop shot in the air, dispersing the Arabs. The officer who was beaten was evacuated to the hospital for medical treatment.

The two police officers and a civilian had made a wrong turn into the Issawiya neighborhood, where Arabs chased after them into French Hill and attacked them.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. This is insane. Two officers with guns and a CAR, classified as a lethal weapon when involved in a death, and these animals can almost kill them?? HOW FAR DO ATTACKERS HAVE TO GO BEFORE PEOPLE WILL STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES!?

  2. Instead of shooting in the air, he should have shot every single one of them in the head!!!

    Israelis have become their greatest enemies
    Stupidity beyond…

  3. They are armed with guns. Why in heavens name don’t they use them?! When is a gun meant to be used if not when ones life is threatened?!

  4. Why the Israeli police Only show restraint against Arab terroists even at the expense to their own lives BUT the beat the Jews and frum Jews to pulp when they do something?

  5. time is a coming for all of the above to have their wishes honored…time to remove the Arab partners from our elections, we don’t need filth to know what we need to do or not to do….remove all Arabs from Israels political facet and as well…punish them in through taxes and removing their freedom in the streets of Israel ….