Israelis In Istanbul: “Iranian Assassins Waiting For You At Hotel”

Turkish police patrol a terminal at Istanbul Airport. (AP Photo/Emrah Gurel, File)

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An Israeli couple recently vacationing in Istanbul received a terrifying phone call from a senior Israeli security official informing them that Iranian agents from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force were lying in wait for them at their hotel in order to murder them.

The official instructed the couple, who were near the local market at the time, to remain put. Minutes later, an armored vehicle filled with Israeli security guards pulled up and sped toward Istanbul Airport, where they were escorted aboard a flight to Israel.

A friend of the wife told Channel 13 News: “On Friday afternoon, they asked her to stay exactly where she was, near the market, and not to return to the hotel under any circumstances. An armored vehicle arrived with ten Israeli security guards, who rode with them to the airport and put them on the flight. Their suitcases and all their things were left in the hotel.”

“Immediately after they landed in Israel, they were interrogated and asked who they were talking to, where they were,” the friend continued. “It was a very serious interrogation. They told them that the [Iranian agents] were waiting for them at the hotel. She’s in shock, she can’t even talk.”

Israeli security officials say that there are Iranian hit squads scattered throughout Turkey but mostly in Istanbul, where many Israeli tourists stay.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said on Monday: “Israel’s security organizations, the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office, have all participated in recent weeks in a huge effort that saved the lives of Israelis. Some of them have returned to Israel and are walking among us without knowing that their lives were saved.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I wouldn’t be suprised if this is a made up story- deliberately leaked to the press- to get all Israelis out of Turkey as soon as possible -because of a real credible threat that no one is taking seriously…..
    Maybe the whole thing is made up or the Israelis even staged the bringing of the couple to the airport….

  2. It doesn’t matter if it were real or fake.

    At this time moment in time and possibly ever, no Israeli or Jew should be in Istanbul.