Hundreds Of Jerusalem Girls Haven’t Been Accepted To High School


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Hundreds of eighth-grade girls in Jerusalem, most of them Sephardim, haven’t been accepted to high schools for the upcoming school year, Kikar H’Shabbat reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, about 600 girls in the capital are sitting at home with no idea of where they will be attending high school.

Senior officials in the Jerusalem municipality claim that one of the reasons for the crisis this year is the decision of a number of high school principals to close classrooms that opened last year.

Some claim that racism is a factor, with one official saying that every year there are more and more Sephardi girls accepted to high schools and therefore principals are closing classes so as not to lose their Ashkenazi majority.

A Jerusalem municipality official said: “There’s no choice. A good Sephardi high school has to be opened. Otherwise, the crisis will just get worse and worse.”

However, according to Kikar, there are also many Ashkenazi girls who haven’t been accepted to a high school because their families are a bit “modern.”

The report said that Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion recently met with a number of high school principals in an effort to find a solution to the crisis. Lion is also holding weekly meetings at the municipality about the situation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. on a sad note if lakewood would do this it would solve the shidduch crisis. (instead the roshei yeshiva dont let the schools open till every girls eccepted!)

  2. If these “exclusive” Ashkenazic high schools receive government funding, then perhaps explain that they will not see another NIS until all these girls are enrolled for the fall z’man. One thing Ashkenazim understand well is money. Don’t punish these b’nos yisroel because some Rabbonim or askanim have a problem with their “modernishe” parents.

  3. I would think that 600 girls should be enough to open a few schools. In a country where most of the funding comes from the government and there is no shortage of qualified educators, why wouldn’t they open new schools?

  4. Let me get to the bottom of this:- הכסף יענה את הכל and lieberman ימח שמו וזכרונו has cut off huge sums of money, which has trickled down to this crisis amongst many other crisis’s.

  5. This discrimination has to stop. If Sephardi girls attend an Ashkenazi school, they should be allowed to daven according to their mesorah. Why is that such a problem? And more modern girls aren’t entitled to receive a Torah education? Who has the right to deny them? If your daughters are so easily led by girls whose “standards” aren’t yours, YOU have a problem. Instead, try to inspire other girls to be stricter in their dress etc.

    It’s disgusting… these schools call themselves frum?

  6. time to be inclusive…..anti jewish in Israel and anti who were are must end….if you do not end it I am sure we who live here will and make sure our children our educated and you teachers who are garbage will be looking for work ….who knows Ukraine may be hiring….

  7. on a serious note if you want to solve concieved issues we need REAL ASKANIM making calls to the heads of organizations, gedolim,petitions ect….and VENT TO HASHEM to stop this sinas chinam and end our bitter galus and only then will our mouths will be filled with laughter, amen!

  8. Dear friends, lets not jump to conclusions and point fingers. Now that this topic was raised, lets let those who are dealing with it do there job.