JOY AND DANCING: Dati Leumi Yeshivos Celebrate Gov’t’s Downfall [VIDEOS]

Dancing at Yeshivas Ramat Gan following the announcement of the government's dissolution. (Screenshot/Twitter Dvir Amar)

The announcement on Monday of the end of the Bennett-Lapid government was met with great jubilation by many, especially of course by the members of the opposition who are eager to be back in power.

Others, including Chareidim, are rejoicing at the fall of a government that made unprecedented attacks on religion, derided Rabbanim, and glorified liberal values.

But it seems like no one is rejoicing more than the Dati Leumi sector, some of whom formerly supported Bennett and may even have voted for him.

The video below is of dancing in Yeshivas Ramat Gan:

Rosh Yeshivas Ramat Gan HaRav Yehoshua Shapiro received the news while at a wedding:

The bochurim at Yeshivas Maale Eliyahu in Tel Aviv rejoice:

A celebration also took place in the center of Jerusalem.

Below is a video of two well-known right-wing journalists, Yinon Magal and Shimon Riklin, dancing:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Left or right. Makes no difference. None of them have Torah values in mind. Dancing with Israeli flags is idolatry. Who cares who’s at the helm. None of them adhere to Torah principles and hate Judaism.
    Its just a different form of Zionism that the Israeli feels more comfortable with. Hashem hates all forms of Zionism. Left right center. All spite G ds name. The State of Israel was founded to eradicate Yidishkeit and they’ve done a fine job
    Its all for naught .

  2. No it doesnt. It means national religious….and there is a huge range within that group. These young men definitely seem more “hardal”…hareidi dati leumi.they often sit in kollel after marriage tooo….

  3. mj11057:
    They might mean well, etc., but that doesn’t change the fact that their faith, “Religious Zionism”, is idolatry.

    If there were a Kollel of committed “Jews for J” (not the evil missionaries, but Jews who CH”V really believed in that mamzer), you wouldn’t write how wonderful it is that they’re in Kollel but rather that they are idolaters. Same idea here.

  4. nussan:

    Moshe Rabbeinu didn’t try to “turn the [eigel] around”. He destroyed it and fed its dust to its worshipers as if they were a Sotah. That’s the idea.

  5. @nussen:
    we ARE in galus! not believing it – or believing that something ELSE is the yeshua (hamayvin yavin) – is like going in the opposite direction cuz its faster.

    it’s not like J, cuz the zionists dont actually worship any thing other than the Creator – unlike the mamzer worshippers who do (in fact, they dont believe in the creator at all, but something else).
    However, zionism is similar to islam

  6. Having said that – there are many zionists who are also very good jews – and are not false messianics like the others. they are very involved in preparing for the rebuilding of the temple, something which i envy, as anti-zionist as i am.

  7. @HaKatan Moshe Rabeino told your cult or few aloof tribes to pitch in and join their bretheren in Eretz Yisrael not endanger their off spring in false Noah’s Ark in your neck of the woods.
    Unlike you and yours they heeded his words.

  8. @HaKatan
    Your name really shows who you are….a nobody.
    It’s because of people like you that we never were zoche to the true geula.
    Regardless of their ideology these people are shomrei torah umitzvos, probably better than you are and honestly probably can learn ten times better than you can.
    Your comments were uncalled for and you should be ashamed of your sinas chinam.

  9. GAON:
    That was the term that Rav Elchonon Wasserman, the Chazon Ish, the Brisker Rav and others used to describe “Religious Zionism”.

    It’s not a matter of “agreeing”. There is no dispute over Yeshu not being a savior. Same here. It is literally idolatry.

  10. nussan:
    In the Torah that I read, Moshe Rabbeinu told them “al taalu ki ein Hashem biKirbichem…” and “lama saavru es pi Hashem viHi lo sitzlach”.

  11. shlita1234:
    Actually, it is because of people who thought somewhat like them that we haven’t yet been zoche to the geulah. Both the Brisker Rav and Satmar Rav stated that Mashiach would have come but people davened instead for the Zionist idol State so Hashem responded that if you want that, you got it.

    No matter how much better than me they can learn, it doesn’t matter. “Religious Zionism” is idolatry. Period.