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Bennett, Lapid To Dissolve Knesset, Hold New Elections, Lapid To Serve As PM

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid agreed on Monday to bring a bill to dissolve the Knesset for a vote by next week.

According to the rotational agreement between the two, Yair Lapid will serve as the interim prime minister.

Bennett is currently speaking to the heads of the parties of the coalition in his office. Bennett and Lapid will make a joint statement to the press at 8 p.m.

When the position of prime minister is transferred to Lapid, Bennett will have the dubious honor of the prime minister who served the shortest term in Israeli history, an honor that now belongs to Ehud Barak.

Lapid will welcome US President Joe Biden to Israel next month.

The elections for the 25th Knesset are expected to be held in October, with the final date to be determined in the coming days.

Sources close to Yamina MK Nir Orbach, who announced last week that he is no longer voting with the coalition, told Walla News that Orbach informed Bennett on Monday that he will vote next week for the Knesset’s dispersal. Bennett realized that the coalition was doomed and together with Lapid, decided to preempt the move.

Bennett and Lapid informed the heads of the parties in the coalition minutes before the official announcement.

More than one social media user responded to the announcement by posting a video of Bennett promising never to enable Lapid to serve as prime minister:

Others responded with pessukim:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

10 Responses

  1. lol bennet was dreaming of being the one to welcome biden
    that was literally the reason he pushed to be PM, for kavod & attention

  2. I think Lapid is going to be better for the Chareidim, because having the Chareidim in Govt is more stable than the Arabs. Ever since he has been FM, he has not said a nasty word against the Frum. In the last few days, he made meeting with Degel. Benett became PM and that all he cared about. He could now go home to his illegal home which they made a fortress which upset all his neighbors, a prominent Anglo neighborhood. Regards from Jeru.

  3. Bennett will have the dubious honor of the prime minister who served the shortest term in Israeli history
    Well, even that ‘honor’ won’t last – Lapid will soon win it!


  4. The coalition never stood a chance from the get-go. The only thing that united them was “Anyone but Bibi” without a common ideological platform to stand on.
    It was Hashem’s gezeira that enabled them to exist for a year, including Lieberman’s non-stop harassment of the chareidi public both verbally and legally, the mega-bucks “loaned” to the PA which will go to fund terrorists and their families, the leftist agenda’s many gains, the cave-ins to Ra’am in attempts to resuscitate the dying government and more.
    If we want anything better during the next round, it’s time to do teshuva. We get what we deserve.

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