GVIR ALERT? Herman Kahan of Brooklyn Wins $126 Million Mega Millions Lottery


Social media exploded on Tuesday afternoon after a man from Brooklyn won a $126 Mega Millions jackpot, and everyone just wants to know who he is.

The man, named as Herman Kahan of Brooklyn, has been a New York Mega Millions subscription player since 2021, and claimed his $126,000,000 jackpot from the March 8 Mega Millions drawing.

The winning numbers drawn on March 8 were: 07 18 38 58 64 Mega Ball 24.

The man chose to receive his jackpot as a single lump sum totaling $52,559,839 after required withholdings.

Photos of various individuals are already viral on WhatsApp – all of them confirmed to be false.

While all of our community detectives will be hard at work trying to figure out who he is, it will take one Tzedakah or Yerushalmi Meshulach two minutes to figure it all out.

Stay tuned for more info!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. A certain Yerushalmi shalicah (Reb Schneurer) has cancelled all his remaining appointments in Willy and BP for the week and has just chartered a private jet for the return flight to EY. Further information pending.

  2. YAY!!!! You must have such merits to deserve this stewardship position. May you enjoy tranquility and the moral lift from all the power you now have for good! Good for you!!!!

  3. I hope for his sake that no one finds out who he is. Between a host of new friends and relatives, shnorers, etc. his life will be miserable with a good chance that he’ll be bankrupt quickly unless he can be smart enough not to spend it too quickly.
    New Jersey allows its winners to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, New York doesn’t.

  4. I vaguely remember that this is specifically mentioned as L”H or onaas devarim or something along those lines. Anyone?

  5. How stupid is Yeshiva world for saying his name!!! Don’t you care about his safety?? Why are you doing this??? Yeshiva world is showing again how THEY DONT THINK STRAIGHT!! Just terrible!!

  6. @BaisIsThePlace I remember a Gemarah that says not to say נורה בי פלניא (might be spelled wrong) “there’s a fire (I.e. cooking/food) in so and so’s house”. Meaning don’t just tell people where they can get a quick hand out. It’s probably different if it’s an official “open house” where they want those in need to know about it. Could be that’s what your referring to.

  7. “He’s the Cohein that duchens on yomim tovim in the main Bobov Beis Medrash”

    Rumor that the Bobover kohanim use a slightly different nusach and wording for their duchening

    ….Ya-er hashem panav aleiiiiiii vachinukeiiiiii!!!!

    Can’t argue with success.

  8. I’m very happy for him and hope he uses it in good health and good causes for many long years. I’m just worried about him because he was not able to remain anonymous. Mazel tov to him and we share his simcha.

  9. @ChananiaL
    with current inflation rates rising, he might be getting more money with the lump sum, than he would be through payments. or close enough to make it worth it. do the math, I’m too lazy