TRUST IS GONE: Israel Leaving US In The Dark About Iran Hits

Air Force fighter jet. Photo: IDF Spokesperson

Israel has been increasing its covert attacks on Iranian nuclear targets and is mostly leaving the US in the dark about it, multiple US officials told CNN.

Israel “(doesn’t) seem to have a strategic plan right now to end the Iranian nuclear weapons development,” said Jonathan Panikoff, head of the Middle East Security Initiative at the Atlantic Council and a former deputy national intelligence officer for the Near East at the National Intelligence Council. “It’s hoping that through a series of tactical actions it can keep the pressure on and continuously delay Iranian progress.”

“The more the Israelis push — especially if the Iranians decide JCPOA is dead — the more the Iranians are going to push back.”

According to the report, President Joe Biden is under increasing pressure from the US’ Middle East allies to develop a realistic plan to restrain Iran as he prepares for his trip next month to Israel and Saudi Arabia.

“The situation with Iran is getting very hot,” one official said. “That is a huge part of why we need to do this trip — our allies want to know we are serious about dealing with this.”

“A lot of our partners feel strongly that the US Iran policy is making them inherently less safe,” said a congressional aide familiar with the deliberations. “And when you tie that policy to the Afghanistan withdrawal, restrictive arms sales, the lukewarm embrace of the Abraham Accords, the advertised pivot to the Indo-pacific — we have a lot of partners willing to take matters into their own hands.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. How can Israel trust a demented Alzheimer diseased TREASONOUS DemonRat, this traitor taking up space in the White House cannot be trusted even by his own countrymen.
    He has aligned himself with the murderous Jihadist terrorist’s all over the world.
    This treasonous swine has deliberately left over 40 billion dollars worth of the most sophisticated arms to the murderous Taliban. and handed them over Afghanistan on a silver platter.
    This traitor wants desperately to renew the disastrous Obama Iran accords, enabling Iran to produce nuclear weapons within five years.
    This treasonous zombie, was the only one in Obama’s cabinet to vote against killing that monster Bin Ladin.

  2. There is nothing in the article that supports the statement in the headline that “trust is gone” between the US and Israel. There are good reasons for Israel not to disclose its plans or activities to the US, among them: (i) preserve US deniability and non-involvement in Israeli activities, (ii) preserve US status as a neutral broker for peace in the Middle East, and (iii) protect Israel against leaks in US intelligence that would reveal Israeli plans and activities to Israel’s many enemies. Recall that one of the problems Jonathan Pollard created was that he was feeding US intelligence to Israel, which may have had its own leaks to Israeli or US enemies.

  3. It’s true there is no trust.
    Even Mike Pence said in a interview that in the history of US there hasn’t been a US President who lies so much.

    State Department is extremely anti semetic as US Ambassador to Israel Freidman said in the interview that the State Department is inculcated and discrimination policy against Jews. As proof just look at Mr. John Louftus claims the US State department after the WWII brought in German Nazi’s under fictitious names and hired them.
    Ford Motor Company

  4. People don’t realize that there is a country in the Middle East with 9,000,000. And another country with 85,000,000
    And another country with 375,000,000
    All three countries don’t think a like
    Or have any “mutual interest” that will align them together
    The country with 9,000,000
    Is fighting for its survival
    The country with 85,000,000 is trying to become powerful מפרס ועד מדיי
    And the country with 375,000,000
    Is trying to consume the fruits of both countries קיבל מנה רוצה מאתיים
    The problem is not the nuclear program.
    We live during a time of recession and inflation, so in order to have the upper hand countries are causing chaos and destruction just to save themselves
    And it’s certainly not the way

  5. huju,

    Nice try but trust in Brandon’s incompetent administration has been destroyed by their repeated disclosures of sensitive Israeli operations, most recently to the NY Times. This wasn’t an intelligence failure but a deliberate leak by one of the anti-Semites in this worthless pack of fools.

  6. The Israeli government has every right to maintain secrecy regarding any military or actions which well may involve the lives of its military personal.
    No responsible government official should ever publicly directly or indirectly speak of or hint that a military operation is imminent especially in the present case against Iran.
    All Israelis should davven for a very successful operation if and when it occurs.

    A goy,
    Gerry Mullen

    PS: A very great Rabbi who I befriended for many years agreed that I can ask all Jews to do:

    B’vah’cha’shah, do More Talmud T_rah (MTT), More Davvening (MD), and More Chessed (MC) !!!

  7. Bottom line, the Zionists (i.e., their State) are beholden to the nations, as the ultimate galus “Jew” that they are. It doesn’t matter who is in the White House.