Ivanka Trump, Kushner Visit The Kosel With Their Kids


Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were seen visiting the Kosel on Wednesday with their children.

The family landed at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel on Monday morning.

There have been no reports on the reason for their visit but it’s possible that it’s a combination family trip/business visit. The Wall Street Journal reported in May that Kushner founded a private equity fund that is investing millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia into Israeli tech companies.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. They are צדיקים גמורים and may השם answer their Heartfelt pleas for the well deserved return of President Donald Trump to the Oval Office @Noon 1/20/2025

  2. UJM – why must you be so negative? Yes, we all have what to improve, but, considering their backrounds and their positions, i am in awe of the level of their dedication.
    You are welcome to daven for their level of Yiddishkeit to rise (when you think of them in השיבנו אבינו וכו’ וקרבנו מלכנו לעבודתך – please have me in mind as well) but meanwhile, it is 100% lashon Hora to denigrate them, since they are [at least officially] Shomer Shabbos.