ADAMS FUMES: NYC Mayor Blasts NY BAIL REFORM LAWS After Deadly Hit-and-Run

Mayor Eric Adams (r.) with Assistant Chief Judith Harrison at the scene of a deadly Brooklyn hit-and-run collision on June 25, 2022.

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A grandmother was killed and four people were injured, including a child, by a vehicle fleeing a police traffic stop in New York City, authorities said.

Assistant Chief Judith Harrison said officers in a patrol car pulled over a vehicle with mismatched license plates. After initially stopping, the driver sped off into the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn at around 7:10 p.m. Saturday.

The injured were being treated at area hospitals, Harrison said in a press conference at the scene.

Two passengers from the car fled, and one person was in custody, WABC-TV reported. It wasn’t immediately clear if that person was the driver.

Mayor Eric Adams, a former New York City police captain, told reporters that the episode underscored his repeated calls to toughen the state’s bail laws.

“Each time we catch people who carry out these dangerous actions on innocent people, we find they have one thing in common. They’ve gone through the criminal justice system and they are able to return to our streets and carry out the crimes over and over again,” an irate Adams said.

“The video that I observed is chilling for anyone that lives in this community,” Adams added. “This is my community, I live blocks from here. I patronize these stores. These are my neighbors. No one deserves to walk across the street with their grandchild and to be struck [in] a crash that took the life of a grandparent.”

“We have cases where someone is arrested 18 times for GLA, and they’re back on the streets. When are we gonna connect the dots?” an exasperated Adams said. “We’re feeding this crime problem in this city, over and over again,” the mayor added. “A small number of bad people think they can do bad things and get out of jail because we have a bad criminal justice system.”



  1. The UNELECTED privileged white Karen, Kathy Hochul, is an accessory to crime. She truly doesn’t care about innocent blacks being victims of crime. She is the epitome of a racist.

  2. Such a shame, what a beautiful family. Now all of a sudden Adams wants to get really tough! Hmm…..
    Wunda if Heez thinkin of a Ban on Cars?

  3. The article doesn’t say whether the individual who was captured and the one who to away were out on bail? Just speculation that frequently that happens.

  4. And yet, TYW has no problem running adds for re-electing the person responsible for all the current crime statistics!
    Anything for money!!!!