Rob Astorino Pours Cold Water On Trump’s Virtual Run For Governor


trump.jpgIn a pre-primary battle of minds, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino tried to pour some cold water on Donald Trump’s serious flirtation running for governor against Andrew Cuomo in this year’s election. In an interview with Time Warner Cable News, Mr. Astorino, 46, aspiring to become the unified nominee for governor, questioned Mr. Trump’s seriousness in actually following up and jumping into the race for governor.

“Where is his heart? Is his heart to run for president? Is his heart to run the Trump empire or is it to run for governor of this state?” Astorino said. “If history repeats itself I’m sure he won’t run. Donald Trump and I have been friends for about 10 years. He’s got a golf course in Westchester County. He’s been a supporter of mine. He’s a great businessperson. He certainly knows how to market his name and get the publicity to drive up business.”

Asked if Trump would make a good governor, Astorino responded, “I think so, if he ran, definitely.”

Speaking to the Syracuse Media Group editorial board, Mr. Astorino said his family is a key component in his decision to run for Governor. “If I run, I want to make it an adventure for the whole family. To travel the whole state in the summer as much as we can,” Mr. Astorino, a father of three young children, said.

Meanwhile, a day after state Republican chairman Ed Cox asked party leaders not to cross party lines to endorse Gov. Cuomo, GOP power broker Alfonse D’Amato said he’s backing the Democratic governor for re-election.

“Overall, he’s done an excellent job,” D’Amato told The NY Post. “I don’t agree with everything he’s done. But he’s kept taxes down. He’s controlled spending. He put in a property tax cap that’s very important, particularly for senior citizens. He’s reached out to bring businesses back to the state, particularly upstate.”

“I think of my old friend Ed Koch’s rule. `You agree on eight out of 10 issues, that’s good. If you agree on all 10, go see a psychiatrist,’” D’Amato added.

D’Amato was once considered the most powerful Republican in the state when he was in the US Senate, The Post notes. He was instrumental in helping elect Republican George Pataki as governor in 1994 — the candidate who beat Andrew Cuomo’s dad, Mario Cuomo.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)