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Hrs. After Biden Visit: IDF Hits Hamas Site After 4 Rockets Fired At Israel

The IDF attacked a Hamas underground military site in the Gaza Strip early Shabbos morning in response to four rocket attacks overnight, only hours after U.S. President Joe Biden concluded a visit to Israel.

“IDF fighter jets struck a Hamas military site in the Gaza Strip,” an IDF statement said. “The targeted site is one of the most important rocket production sites in the Gaza Strip and the strike will significantly impede Hamas’ capabilities.”

Fortunately, the rockets did not cause injuries or damage, with one intercepted by the Iron Dome and the others falling into open areas.

In the wake of the rocket attacks, Defense Minister Benny Gantz froze the additional 1,500 work permits for Gazans that Israel approved last week.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Boruch Hashem, Eretz Yisroel not backing down!
    This is how it should be, standing up for the safety of Yidden, without worrying about what the אומות will say.

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