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Jerusalem Terror Victim Is Mir Avreich From UK, Man Who Shot Terrorist Is 2nd-Time Hero

More details have come to light about the terror attack that took place on Tuesday on a bus next to the Ramot Mall in Jerusalem.

Unlike initial reports, the victim was not the driver but one of the passengers, an avreich at the Mir from Manchester, Eliezer ben Liba. His neighbor told 103FM Radio on Wednesday that Eliezer was sitting on the bus with headphones on, listening to a shiur, when he suddenly felt a stab in his back.

He fought back and he and the terrorist struggled for about five minutes. He sustained stab wounds, numerous fractures, and his arm was broken but he managed to win when he punched the terrorist in his face with so much force that the terrorist began running away.

According to the neighbor, instead of helping the victim, the driver and other passengers ran off, leaving him alone with the terrorist. His neighbor said it was a neis that he had the strength to get off the bus to find help.

Meanwhile, the terrorist who had tried to flee the scene was stopped by the hero of the day, Ynet photographer Meshi Ben-Ami. He had been driving by with his small child in the back seat when he noticed the tumult and decided to stop to see if help was needed.

He kept his eye on the car, where his child was strapped in, and meanwhile saw people fleeing the bus. He realized right away that it was a terrorist attack. He took out his gun and ordered the terrorist to stop. “But he didn’t stop and moved toward me – I didn’t hesitate and I shot him,” he said. “I heard him praying in Arabic. The police came a second afterward.”

This is not the first time that Ben-Ami has thwarted a terror attack in Jerusalem. Six years ago, he also risked his life to eliminate a terrorist.

Israel Police

Another hero was Chaim Na’im, who also stopped his car and tried to help. He also has a gun license but since he didn’t have a gun on him, he threw rocks at the terrorist. One of the rocks landed on the terrorist’s head and injured him right before before Ben-Ami arrived on the scene.

Prime Minister Yair Lapid met with both men on Wednesday to thank them for their heroic actions and presented them with certificates of appreciation.

The public is asked to daven for the refuah sheleimah of Eliezer ben Liba b’toch sha’ar cholei Yisrael.

Israel Police

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

3 Responses

  1. I am just happy he is well and the Arab should have been neutralized…..for people to run like this and not think of this young man is far reaching of an explanation…..we need guards on are transportation system..

  2. I ride this bus line almost every day. The bus is usually full of frum women and children.
    (And tons of arabs from kalandia and I guess Ramalla)
    How many could have fought with the animal and won?
    Eliezer ben liba is very strong. He did amazing fighting him off.
    He’s a gentle happy man.
    His wife is a tzadeikes.
    I hope he has a refua shelaima right away.

  3. Good for these guys stopping the rodeif, by week if parishas pinchas too!
    I hope lapid will be mivaker cholim to the avreich as well. That would be marbeh ahavas yisroel which we need so much

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