“WE’RE DOING OUR JOB”: NYC Mayor Adams Says Lowering Crime is Not Fully in His Control [SEE THE VIDEO]


Mayor Eric Adams was questioned on Monday by veteran Hamodia reporter Reuvain Borchardt over soaring crime in New York City, noting that the mayor’s campaign platform placed an overarching focus on combatting the Big Apple’s crime crisis.

“When can we expect crime to drop?” Borchardt asked. “You have been in office for seven months, you ran on a platform of lowering crime. When can we expect to see those decreases in crime?”

“When we get all our partners on board,” Adams responded, insisting that “we’re doing our job.”

“The NYPD is taking thousands of guns off the streets. We are making arrests – a high level of arrests for violent crimes… What is in our control we are doing the maximum,” he asserted.

“What we need to do: judges, lawmakers, prosecutors. The criminal justice system has several pieces to it; every piece must work,” he said.

Watch the exchange below.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The guns keep coming into the city from states with lax gun laws as well as from burglaries in which guns are taken. There is no local solution to the gun problem.

  2. Next time don’t vote for these bastard DemocRats. Vote Conservative / Republican down the line. Vote them out. Eric Adams is full of you know what.

  3. Yaakov doe:
    It’s not a gun problem, it’s a criminal problem. And there are ways to control THAT problem which were proven in the past by prior administrations.

  4. Yaakov Doe works for the dnc propaganda department and he doesn’t do a good job, when they were giving him a name they didn’t wanna mess up on Jewish last names so he got Yaakov Doe from John Doe