WATCH: Ben Shapiro’s Special Interview With Netanyahu: “It’s The Triumph Of Faith”

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Ben Shapiro conducted a wide-ranging interview with former prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu for his Ben Shapiro Sunday Special.

The two spoke about Netanyahu’s lengthy career, his relations with US leaders, and the special qualities of the Jewish people and Eretz Yisrael.

“We’re one-tenth of one percent of the world’s population,” Netanyahu says in the promo for the interview. “The countries above us are a billion people, hundreds of millions of people, and we’re nine million people. And we rank eighth in the world. I’ll tell you what it is – it’s the triumph of faith.”

See the full interview below:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Soft pitches, An interview meant to showcase Bibi’s strengths and promote his new book – a memoir. He ended with the most important issue – the economic plan and didnt expound although I am sure that would have interested more people.
    Unfortunately, the issue of why Israel is holding elections so frequently in the past few years and how that effects the stability of the country was not brought up.

  2. Even the snippet you posted is full of Zionist heresy.
    “We’re one-tenth of one percent of the world’s population,” Netanyahu says in the promo for the interview. “The countries above us are a billion people, hundreds of millions of people, and we’re nine million people. And we rank eighth in the world. I’ll tell you what it is – it’s the triumph of faith.”

    The Zionist “faith” is all about replacing the Torah and Judaism with a godless idolatrous Nationalist gentile nation.

    So, the Zionist “State”‘s rank in whatever list he’s talking about has nothing to do with “faith”.

  3. HaKatan: After Auschwitz, a Jewish State is an irrefragable necessity.

    Our forebears would have trekked barefooted a thousand miles in the snow to reach Israel had she existed in their day. We dare not take for granted the miracle of our reborn commonwealth after two millennia of exile – a rebirth that took place a scant three years after the liberation of the death camps.

    The cruciality of Israel to Jewish culture cannot be overstated.

    With each passing day, our people’s claim to our ancient homeland is reinforced by archeological evidence as well as a rapidly growing Jew-hatred made manifest on the Internet, in academia, in the social commons, and, of course, in the Dar al-Islam.

    The flames of anti-Semitism will only be fanned, not quenched, by shamefaced, defeatist Jews in the custom of condemning our beautiful little Israel.

    There are many majority-Christian nations in the world. The Buddhists have seven countries. The Hindus have three. The Muslims have forty-nine. The Jews have one, smaller in size than the State of New Jersey, growing smaller still as the years pass by. It is the height of immorality, the definition of villainy, and the quintessence of evil to destroy that singular, miniscule Jewish country in order to provide the Muslims with a fiftieth.

    Finally: To consider Israel an affront to G-d is the worst kind of apikorsut, because it takes G-d out of Jewish history.

  4. HaKatan, Ben Shapiro is a Modern Orthodox conservative political commentator..He doesn’t claim to be unbiased, and he is upfront about his point of view.
    If you want commentary that fits your point of view, try Al Jazeera.

  5. @Ari_Knobler: @HaKatan does not think Eretz Yisroel and the millennia-long Yiddishe longing to return there are anything less than integral to Judaism. He does think that reshaim like Bibi [stellar (and perhaps even sincere) statesman that he is] who dare preach faith when everyone knows they publicly eat treif and are mechallel Shabbos (can you fathom the chutzpah here?), and filthiness like the extra-halachic Knesset/State/Judiciary/etc., have NOTHING to do with Judaism.
    Promoting an extra-halachic Jewish state in the holiest of lands is the greatest affront to G-d imaginable and is akin to saying “G-d and His laws are unneeded in our little state, who gives a damn about the Torah!?”
    So please: instead of calling @HaKatan, who is clearly a proud Yid, a “defeatist Jew,” perhaps you should ponder what makes you so proud about the fact that after thousands of years of exile, Jews have returned to the Holy Land in order to desecrate its divinity and found a G-dless nation on its pure soil.

  6. Ysam……because…..Israel , for me …….I want Moshe Rabbinu’s Israel…not interested in what anyone says until we return to this……

  7. Yashar: I do not agree that our brethren returned to Eretz Yisrael in order to desecrate its divinity. Nor do I agree that Israel is a godless nation. The very idea that there are otherwise good Jews who could say such unconscionable things is heartbreaking. Indeed, as the son of survivors, Israel means more to me than words can express.

    As for some Jews’ consumption of treifut, that is between them and G-d. It is better to bring them closer to traditional practice with love and understanding than by anger and condemnation.

    Remember also that life happens in stages. As a Jew of faith, I believe Israel is G-d’s merciful blessing upon our People after the Churban. I also believe that He will cause a sea-change in the hearts of Am Yisrael and the world when He sees fit. If world events are any indicator, that sea-change will happen soon.

  8. Lots of uneducated opinions in the comment section.
    If the State of Israel is such an affront to G-d as some of you fools claim, wouldn’t G-d would have allowed the Arabs to wipe it out in 1948? And in 1967? And in 1973? And in 1982? And every single day in the last 74 years?
    It is not perfect, no. But if you are so G-dless and blind that you can’t recognize that its continued existence and flourishing is G-d’s will, you should review your belief in Hashem.

  9. @Ari_Knobler:

    You know, your comments were pretty respectful; why add an implication that because I and others disagree with you, we are not fully good Jews (“that otherwise good Jews…”)? I don’t think that about you; I simply think you are mistaken. What gives you the impression that I am a bad Jew in any way?

    Regarding treifus: I’m sorry, but regardless of how much love you wish to have towards Bibi, that does not change the fact that a man as intelligent and informed as him, who internationally represents the so-called Jewish state, and yet publicly flouts the Torah’s laws, is halachicaly a rasha and must be treated as such. No amount of physical help he has provided the State can change that. I’m sorry, but that’s what it says in Sefer Chofetz Chaim. Please look it up.

  10. @ac23: How the hell am I supposed to know why Hashem didn’t let the Arabs destroy Israel? Hmmmm… maybe because is His great kindness He wishes to protect His chosen people…?
    Last time you met a king whose son displeased him, do you remember the king simply allowing the son’a enemies to finish him off? No? I didn’t think so.

  11. Yashar: The Chafetz Chaim was a veritable angel. As a matter of fact, as a youth my father a”h saw him passing through Lodz along with an entourage. Of course, a myriad of people quickly gathered to see him along with my late father.
    I did not mean to imply that you are not a good Jew. Apologies if my comment came across in such a way. We see Israel through different lenses. I’ll just leave it at that.

  12. @Yashar
    You seem to know for a fact that Israel is an affront to G-d so I thought you might also know why G-d didn’t wipe Israel off the map every day for the last 74 years. The fact that Israel is not only still standing but thriving should be enough to recite hallel on a daily basis. You choose to view things negatively instead of acknowledging Hashem’s miracles.
    Maybe if you changed your approach from one of judgement to one of kiruv your perspective would change.

  13. Honestly, this guy is a pretty talented political actor. I don’t think he wrote the book or the script of events in his life that definitely all were arranged for him as a public figure political actor pretending to be a head of a sovereign state when he was really just an actor. He kept to script pretty well. I mean, he’s a decent actor. I disliked the script or the whole production, but you know, it would be wrong for me to confuse the actor with his character.

  14. @ac23:

    My friend, you seem a little confused… I literally just acknowledged the miracles, didn’t I?

    And even if I hadn’t just acknowledged them, why on earth is me saying that the state is a negative entity any indication that I don’t acknowledge the many miracles that protect the residents of Eretz Yisroel, (myself included, by-the-way) from harm?

  15. Everyone is confused and just fighting like babies. He’s trying to help promote and get Bibi up there again. That’s it!!! No other intentions and no other fights like babies please.

  16. @Ari Knobler
    of course G-d is part of ALL history – the other religions that broke off of judaism and spread jewish concepts throughout the globe throughout thousands of years to all peoples, also stem from G-d.
    So, according to you, To consider these other religions (and you know who they are) an affront to G-d is the worst kind of apikorsuth, because it takes G-d out of Jewish history.

    what about the other religions that broke off from judaism (or anything else for that matter)? if they are succesfull than, according to you, G-d supports it right?
    The jews have always been downtrodden, so according to you, G-d must not support them?
    that’s how it works???????
    am i really blind, as you claim, because i dont think the victory of israel is supported by G-d?