Bloomberg’s Goodbye Present To NYC: Botched Obamacare Website Contractor Gets $10 Million Contract


bloCGI Federal, the company losing its federal contract after the botched rollout of, got a multibillion dollar consolation prize from outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a new report says.

Just hours before Bloomberg left office on Dec. 31, the New York Daily News reports, his administration pushed through a contract to hire the Montreal-based company to oversee a massive overhaul of the city’s 311 nonemergency hotline system.

Rival companies are complaining that CGI has little, if any, experience managing call centers, reports the Daily News.

The former mayor long saw the 311 hotline as one of his office’s legacies, and the city’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications approved the contract shortly before his successor, Bill de Blasio, took office.

CGI is moving on to New York’s 311 system after the Obama administration decided to drop the company after the glitch-laden rollout, which has been a major source of the problems that hit Obamacare when open enrollment began in October.



  1. See, the great thing about businessmen running for elective office is that the bring all that private-sector know-how to public affairs and get things to work properly. Who can forget how well that new payroll system for New York City worked.