B’sura Tova! Gross Boys Showing ‘Significant Improvement’


tehill11Doctors in Schneider Children’s hospital report on Monday afternoon 26 Shevat 5774 there is a “significant improvement” in the cardiac function of the Gross boys of Yerushalayim, Kol Berama Radio reports. Doctors warn however their condition remains serious.

The boys were gravely injured by inhaling a pesticide that led to the deaths of their sisters.

Doctors explained the seriousness of the situation because of the damage to their vital organs as well as the fact there is no antidote for the toxin they inhaled. They were placed on ECMO machines to permit maintaining their bodily functions as their vital organs were compromised by the toxic substance.

The parents, Rav Shimie and Michal urged the tzibur around the world to continue being mispallel and not to give up hope for their sons. They remain at the bedside of the boys in the ICU during the day and sit shiva for their daughters at night.

B”H the hospital had good news today and the tzibur is urged to continue being mispallel for the boys, רפאל יצחק איזייק בן מיכל and his brother חיים מיכאל.

There is a Tehillim hotline number one may call to register with as Tehillim is divided up among callers. That number in Eretz Yisrael is *9171 .

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)