A Rosh Yeshiva in Yerushalayim Attacked – A Former Talmid in Custody


mishtRosh Yeshivas Yakirei Yerushalayim HaRav Yehuda Cohen Shlita was attacked with a metallic rod on Tuesday morning 27 Shevat 5774 R”L. Baruch Hashem the rosh yeshiva was only lightly injured in the attack, perpetrated by a former talmid.

According to an Israel Police spokesman, the man in custody is about 40, adding “he explains he only attacked the rabbi after the latter harassed him”.

The rav was transported to a local hospital in an ambulance to get checked following the assault. Police have the former student in custody and he was remanded before the Jerusalem Magistrate Court later in the day.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. As this is a most bizarre and serious matter, I hope the truth will come out as to what compelled the former talmidim to injure a Rosh yeshiva.

  2. In response to the first commenter, it’s really inappropriate for one Yid to strike another – except in an actual self-defense situation – no matter what the grievance.

    As tough as it may be, if redress through a beis din is not promising (in other words, one hasn’t a good case), one just has to walk away from a bad situation and move on.

    Violence, even if effective in the short term, takes its toll on the whole society.