MAILBAG: Attacking Jews Shouldn’t Be More Important Than 9/11, But The Anti-Semitic NY Times Thinks So


I vividly remember 9/11/2001. I was just a young school student and playing in my school’s playground when the news struck. Over the course of that day and the weeks and months that followed, nobody had a doubt in their mind that the worst terrorist attack in history would never be forgotten from the national memory and that New York City would forever be deeply affected by that day.

Twenty-one years later, the New York Times has decided that it’s barely even front-page news. It could be they believe that the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks deserves a mention, but they’ve all but moved on to more important issues, specifically attacking Jews on their top story of the day.

As I’m sure you’ve already seen, the Times wrote a shameless attack on religious Jewish schools, particularly chasidish ones – a coordinated attack with New York State which released new “substantial equivalency” standards just this past Friday. No, the timing is not a coincidence, no matter how hard they try to say it is.

Now, I’m not chasidish and I don’t have enough knowledge about the issue of education in New York State to give an opinion that is beyond reactionary. But the very fact that the New York Times chose to use today, Sunday – the 21st anniversary of the 9/11 attacks – as the day to unleash a torrent of hate against religious Jewish, gives an incredible inside look at the twisted mindset at New York City’s most powerful paper.

To the New York Times’ editors, attacking religious Jews takes precedence over the commemoration of the worst attack on the U.S. in history – an attack that began in the city the New York Times is named after and headquartered in. Just stunning.

Sadly, this is nothing new when it comes to the Times. During the Holocaust, the New York Times barely mentioned the mass extermination of Europe’s Jews. Out of 24,000+ front-page stories over the course of the Holocaust, the systemic murder of Jews by the Nazis was mentioned a total of 26 times, and even then usually referred to the victims as “refugees” or “persecuted minorities.” The paper’s anti-Semitism is baked into their modus operandi.

The shameful actions of the New York Times is nothing new, but their sick painting of religious Jews as freeloading abusers of their children – and its overriding the importance of the anniversary of 9/11 – is still beyond shocking, vile, and disgusting.


P. Berry

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  1. P. Berry claims that the article is “a coordinated attack with New York State which released new “substantial equivalency” standards just this past Friday. No, the timing is not a coincidence, no matter how hard they try to say it is.” It seems that P. Berry has not actually read the entire NY Times article, because these standards are discussed in the article, “State education officials have spent years drafting new regulations for enforcing the law but have watered them down amid opposition from the Hasidic community. A state education board is scheduled to vote on the new set of rules this week.” for example

  2. What’s the surprise? During World War II, the New York Times was already antisemitic, covering up by burying coverage of the ongoing Holocaust.

    Moderators Response: You didn’t read this mailbag in full before sending that comment in.

  3. at least we still have the model bnai chum to be role models for the rest of us of what can happen when you indoctronate children with all the toeiva in the world. the new york school system has created upstanding yodei binah with outstanding middos!!! way to go new york!!!

  4. To my view, the NYTimes editor has a psychological problem. It is a result of jealousy of the Jewish education system and particularly of the Chasidic community.
    They can NOT grasp, how the Jewish communities are so successful in raising and educate their children in a healthy way, where most of their students grow up to be fine people and so many devote their lives to help and support their community to thrive and flourish. They can never figure out how a Torah observant Jewish school is usually able to instill so much knowledge and skills and good character traits, in their students, so they can lead a life of great success.
    They can NOT accept the fact that the Jewish students are NOT being influenced by the outside secular world. This is a great embarrassment to the American education system in general and to the New York education system in particular, where their education has NOT been able deter the many young criminals from committing vicious crimes, that is happening in all of the New York society and neither were they able to alleviate the pain of the thousands of poor and young homeless. Also, many of the upper class and most of the journalists of the leading new agencies, are viewed as the core of corruption and hypocrisy. So, This is a painful fact for the NYT editor and therefore they will try everything to minimize the accomplishments of the Chasidic community schools.

  5. The article was not an attack at Jews. It showed how public funds are used by private schools that don’t conform to public standars. If you get money from someone, you may be subject to their terms – that is how it works. It was sad to see how may of our brethren have to live in porvervy because of lack of a proper education. Pirke Avost states clearly that Torah should come with work, with a means of subsistence. Preventing students from learning Eanglish and basich math – among other subjects – is perpertuating poverty. LAst but not list, it is very disheartening to read how the leadership tries to con state inspectors. What Torah Emet is that? Don’t take public funding, then.

  6. cklo,

    Is your comment accurate? Coincidently, most communities that are not so into education have produced the biggest businesses in the frum world (i.e Syrian, Chabad and Satmar). They are more into that perek in pirkei avos than the Yeshiva World, that I am a graduate of. In my shiur of thirty talmidim (in our 30’s), only seven work.