CAN’T MAKE IT UP: Biden Celebrates “Inflation Reduction Act” After Inflation Rises [VIDEO]


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President Joe Biden on Tuesday held an event in which he proudly touted his accomplishment of passing the so-called Inflation Reduction Act. Just a day prior, the Labor Department announced that Inflation had risen 8.3% in August from a year ago.

Biden called the legislation the “single most important legislation passed in the Congress to combat Inflation and one of the most significant laws in our nation’s history.”

Multiple non-partisan analyses have concluded that the Inflation Reduction Act will have a tiny positive impact on inflation, at most, and that Biden’s canceling of student debts will undo any of that positive impact.

Even CNN had a hard time swallowing Biden’s boasts, cutting away from his speech as the Dow Jones tumbled nearly 1,300 points in the wake of the inflation news.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)




  1. Editor: When you get paid, do you get paid after end of the week you worked or must wait? Inflation cannot change after the bill is signed. It takes time.

  2. Biden’s voters were delusional. Thanks, ladies, gentlemen, and non-binaries (or whatever). You wanted anyone except Orange Man Bad. Why couldn’t the DNC put up John Hinckley? It would’ve made no difference.

  3. Trump planned to dump Jared (headline)
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    your hero led the jan 6 insurrection,
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