Supermarkets Shutdown in Betar Illit


closedThere appears to be a recession taking place among residents in the chareidi city of Betar Illit, reporting four supermarkets recently had to close their doors as they were no longer bringing in a profit.

The large HaChi Kedai supermarket closed as did Machsanei HaShuk and Zol U’Ve Gadol (2 branches of the latter). That is four supermarkets in total have shut their doors in the city.

Residents explain the four were unable to compete with Yesh Chessed, which opened close to Machsanei HaShuk. The Kolbo general store has also closed its doors as court-appointed collection agency officials raided the store last week.

Remaining in the city are Zol B’Shefa, which is reportedly fighting to survive, Yesh Chessed (in the Geffen neighborhood) and Rami Levi (in the Tamar neighborhood).

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. You can talk about all the recession mumbo jumbo you want. RAMI LEVI is the reason. Noone can compete with him and most people in beitar shop there. He offers great service and rock bottom prices. People even come from other neighborhoods to shop there.

  2. Agree. It’s only 15 minutes from Efrat and all the food there is all mehadrin prices in rami levi are much better and the hashgachad are superior – so why not shop there