STILL ON THE LOOSE: Aryeh Wolf’s Murderer Shoots at Police, Escapes Arrest


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The suspect in the shocking killing of 25-year-old Aryeh Wolf hy”d of Baltimore was spotted by police officers, but managed to escape after opening fire on them.

Washington, D.C. police were called Tuesday morning to the 5300 block of Ames Street for a report from a witness who said she saw Avery Miler, 27, in the area.

When police got there, Miler opened fire on the cops, discharging several rounds before fleeing on foot. No officers were struck, but Miller got away.

Police have now created a perimeter zone extending several blocks where they believe the suspect is within, hoping that they will close in on him and take him into custody soon.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. huju,

    What is taking you so long to post that “He is not the murderer, he is a suspect”? Do you need a personal invitation from your friends at BLM?

  2. The fact that this piece of low life dreck is still walking the earth while our beautiful Aryeh is no longer with us is very very painful. Hope the next gun fight with this lower than pond scum garbage epitome of evil ends in his extremely painful death. Hashem feart d’velt!

    A Member of the Baltimore community