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He Tried To Protect A Chareidi Boy From An Arab & Was Violently Attacked

A Chareidi teen was violently attacked on Tuesday by an Arab when he tried to stop him from harassing a Chareidi boy.

The teen was traveling on the light rail in Jerusalem when an Arab got on the bus, sat next to a Chareidi boy and placed his hand on him.

The Chareidi teen asked the Arab to take his hand off the boy, explaining that he was making the boy uncomfortable. The Arab refused and tried to silence the teen.

The teen tried to help the boy and tried to remove the Arab’s hand. The Arab became enraged and began to beat him, only stopping when the light rail security guards physically stopped him.

The Chareidi teen had to seek medical treatment for his injuries. He also submitted a complaint about the attack.

Attorney Ofir Steiner of the Honenu legal aid organization who is representing the teen stated: “This is a serious case of a violent attack for racial motives. The perpetrator must be arrested immediately and brought to justice.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

14 Responses

  1. Arabs must be prohibited from riding the light rail in Jerusalem; and they should not be allowed to enter West Jerusalem at all for that matter.

    ”ונִשְׁמַרְתֶּם מְאֹד לְנַפְשֹׁתֵיכֶם”

  2. How did he know the boy was uncomfortable? Did the boy give any indication of this? Or did he just jump to a conclusion based on his own prejudices? Maybe the boy knew this man and was a friend of his. That happens, you know. We need more facts, but from the reporting here it seems to me like the teenager was the aggressor, and the man was just defending himself.

  3. We need to make Arabs fear us. If they have no fear from us, they will treat us like garbage.

    We need a strong government that instructs soldiers and civilians to shoot to kill Arabs rioters.

  4. @Milhouse: Did you read the article?

    “Arab got on the bus, sat next to a Chareidi boy and placed his hand on him.”

    They were very obviously not known to each other

  5. Millhouse: no adult should be touching any kid. Period. The story says that the boy was in the bus and the Arab came in after. Clearly they don’t know each other. The teenager stopped someone from being molested and saved a soul. The Arab almost destroyed that soul forever. How would you like if your kid is as in the bus in Brooklyn and a big black man started to touch him? I don’t think you would be saying the same thing

  6. Milhouse
    I don’t know how you’re able to tell all of that from this very short article. Perhaps the teen who was there was a better judge of the situation than you?

  7. Milhouse: Try again. Since when is it acceptable for adults to go around touching strangers let alone random kids? In this case, an Arab man started having hand trouble with a Yeshivishe kid. A teen then stepped in to protect the kid. The Arab went berserk and started whaling on the teen.

  8. What I don’t get is the racial motives charge. It seems to me the Arab was harrassing the boy for you-know-what, and the teen tried to stop him. Where does racism come into this? This is far worse.

  9. There is nothing in the story to indicate that the boy did not know the man who sat next to him, or that he made any objection to the contact. How could this attacker possibly know that the man didn’t see someone he knew and therefore sit next to him? He couldn’t. Unless he saw the boy protesting he had no right to attack the man, and the man had every right to defend himself.

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