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FLATBUSH: At Least A DOZEN Homes And a Shul Burglarized Overnight

The Flatbush community was rocked early Thursday morning when at least a dozen homes and a shul were burglarized in the heart of Jewish neighborhoods.

The NYPD’s 70th and 61st Precinct and Flatbush Shomrim are currently investigating the burglaries, which occurred between E. 21st Street and E. 28th Street. The burglarized shul was on E. 21st and Avenue R. Tens of thousands of dollars in cash, jewelry, a vehicle, and other valuable items were taken in the heists.

The burglars were seen of surveillance footage going up driveways looking for open doors and windows; there were no forced entries.

The NYPD is taking the incidents very seriously and plans to flood the area with unmarked patrol cars for the next few weeks. Flatbush Shomrim will also be adding Shabbos units in the affected neighborhoods.

Shomrim has been working since early Thursday morning to collect surveillance footage of the crimes and to assist in the identification of the suspects responsible for them. Multiple NYPD detectives and a forensics team are at the scene to assist in gathering evidence that could lead to the crime ring’s apprehension.

The NYPD believes Wednesday night’s burglaries were the work of a citywide ring that has been terrorizing various neighborhoods across the city.

If you were the victim of a burglary on Wednesday night, please immediately phone the police and Flatbush Shomrim 24-hour emergency hotline at 718-338-9797. Additionally, if you have footage that could be relevant to the case, please contact Flatbush Shomrim immediately.

NYPD 70th Precinct Commanding Officer Bruce Ceperano has been working hand-in-hand with the community and Shomrim to get to the bottom of the burglaries and has visited with multiple victimized homeowners.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


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  1. Yes, keep voting for these criminally insane treasonous Marxist DemonRats, and this is exactly what we deserve and will get.
    For the last 3 months, Rebbes,Rabbonim, and all kind of MOSDOS,were hosting some of these filthy perverted DemonRat gangsters, and some of them even endorsed them.

  2. Affermative action Mayor Eric Adams sanctimoniously lectured us that these alleged crimes are only a PERCEPTION.

  3. Every time we hear of a burglary in Boro Park or Flatbush we read how much Jewelry and cash was stolen.
    Why do people with so much cash do not have a Safe in a hidden place, why leave it behind in your drawer or lying around? Those burglars know vey well that those jewish areas no matter the risk they taking they will make a great return on their risk. They come home with all this cash and word spreads with his friends that jewish homes are loaded…..We are blessed b”h that we have a strong organization like Shomrim , but they can not watch every home 24/7…we have a responsibility to have our home alarmed,video surveillance to make it easier for NYPD and Shomrim to catch those gangsters…

  4. i thought it was only a PERCEPTION that crime is out of control. If anyone listens to anyone telling them to vote for HOCHUL or for that matter ANY Democrat on the ballot Nov. 8th you are responsible for this anarchy. Vote straight down Republica, Zeldin, Esposite, Pillion, Henry and even Republican for Assembly and Congress even just as a protest vote.

  5. There is a Frum person running for Congress in Midwood/Crown Heights on the Conservative Line, who, without even knowing what his views or policies are, will be a tremendous improvement (especially for us) over the incumbent Yvette Clarke.

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