Iranian Commander: “We”ll Kidnap Netanyahu And Enslave Him In Iran”

IRGC commander Mojtaba Fada (Faces of Crime)

Mojtaba Fada, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in the city of Isfahan said on Sunday that Iran will kidnap Netanyahu and bring him to Iran in a slave collar.

Speaking at a funeral for government security officials killed in the course of quelling anti-regime protests, Fada placed the blame for the public uprising on Iran’s foes such as Israel and the US.

“The former prime minister of the Zionist regime hopes that the protest will lead him to being able to travel to Tehran [if the government is overthrown], but G-d willing, the Islamic Republic will prevail and we’ll bring him to Iran with his hands tied and a [slave] collar around his neck after the destruction of the child-killing regime of Israel,” he said.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on Tuesday described the situation in Iran as critical, saying that the regime’s harsh response to the protests has resulted in over 300 deaths in the past two months.

“The rising number of deaths from protests in Iran, including those of two children at the weekend, and the hardening of the response by security forces, underline the critical situation in the country,” he said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


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  2. a country that still doesn’t have the a-bomb is lecturing us?
    us, russia, india, pakistan, england, france, israel and probably others all have the bomb.
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