SEE IT: Frightening Moment When a Coyote Grabs a 2-Year-Old Jewish Girl in Los Angeles


A terrifying scene played out in the Woodland Hills section of Los Angeles on Friday, when a coyote grabbed a 2-year-old Jewish girl and attempted to run off with her.

The girl’s father, Ariel Eliyahuo, was nearby when the coyote attacked and immediately sprang into action upon hearing his daughter’s cries.

“I heard her screaming and crying and I thought she fell down and I saw the coyote was there,” he told NBC4.

He ran over and, cursing at the animal in Hebrew, attempted to chase it away. The coyote, however, was unfazed, and remained lingering near the family’s front lawn. Ariel then picked up a water bottle and fired it at the coyote, which finally scampered away.

“She has a lot of scratches on her left leg and one of them is really deep,” the girl’s mother, Shira, told KTLA5. “We had to go to the ER. We had to get her rabies shots. The coyote just kind of dragged her so her face is also a little bit bruised.”

Officials have since taken the girl’s clothing to scrape off the coyote’s DNA, which they hope to then use to trap it and take the menace off the streets.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Coyotes are ubiquitous in all fifty states. They’re incredibly adaptive animals, not at all put out by human infringement on their natural habitats. In the LA suburbs and Simi Valley bordering unsettled tracts of land pet owners know not to let out their pets without constant supervision. A coyote views anything smaller than it, including children, as its next meal. It’s just a hazard of living in the city outskirts.

  2. Gerald Geison, a leading Pasteur scholar examined a collection of notebooks that Pasteur had asked his family never to make public. (Among other things, he confessed in his diary to poisoning the ‘control’ sheep in his rabies experiments to have his work appear conclusive.) Geison eventually wrote a book in 1995 titled ‘The Private Science of Louis Pasteur’, which exposed the fraud in many of Pasteur’s theories, including his rabies treatment, which is still being used today without basis – as is much medicine based on his germ theory. There are also other expose works disproving Pasteur.

  3. in liberal/leftist CA you can not touch coyotes, we are told we have to learn to live with them. Again the news give false information here, nothing will be done to this or any other coyote. Sadly.

  4. You can try catching an animal and doing justice to it but it’s much harder to catch than a human( you can argue that most killers are like animals) but at least if they look like a human it’s easier to catch than an animal. Here in Canada we have the same issue with coyotes running around everywhere even in the city!