LAPID & YESH ATID REACH NEW LOW: The Party Of Rabbi Dov Lipman


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yYesh Atid activists are handing out moist wipes upon which is written “When the chareidim get out and work you will sweat less”. Other wipes say “When chareidim are inducted you will sweat less” distributing the distasteful adverts in non religious areas. The packaging for the wipes is olive green, the military color.

Yesh Atid MKs expressed satisfaction over the Shaked Committee’s decision to impose criminal sanctions on bnei yeshivos who ignore the draft law.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Accept that our enemies are bigots. They aren’t interested in improving the IDF (which doesn’t want hareidi conscripts, and probably would be better off without conscripts). It isn’t about integrating hareidim into the economy (ending conscription and banning discrimination and harassment would accomplish that). It isn’t about saving money (ignoring hareidim is cheaper than trying to draft them). It’s about bigotry.

    The bottom line is that the hiloni zionists have realized they are on the wrong side of history, and are in danger of being brushed aside by the growing hareidi world – and they are fighting for their survival. And to survive, they must destroy us. Our existence is a very public negation of the zionist narrative of Jewish history. According to their theories, we can no longer exist.

  2. You know that these sayings on the moist wipes are actually from the original writings of Theodore Herzl in the late 1800s. The anti-Hareidi zionists have continued to promote the hate of religion to the point that they have been printing these sayings on the paper towels in the Knesset bathrooms for years now. However, it’s dubious for the Yesh Atid supporters (and the others that support the anti-frum government) to think that this type of propaganda will convince the Hareidim to abandon our Torah. In fact, this will only convince the general Hareidim to follow the Satmar’s example. Maybe this will help the Hareidim in Eretz Yisroel to negotiate moving their yeshivos to the Palestinian controlled cities (i.e. Ramallah, Beit Lehem, etc.)

  3. I must say that when I got to the end of “akupers” (akuperman in purim mode?)comments, I laughed uproariously! We must indeed be in the weeks before Purim!
    That last statement, about negotiating to move the yeshivas to Palestinian territory, is truly delusional!

  4. Actually, if the Israeli government does go to mass arrests of both talmidim and rabbanim, and cutting off access to foreign funds, it is quite likely that the Palestinians will all of a sudden see their opening and invite Jewish refugees to rent space in the West Bank, and will be very happy to have found proof to their position that they are opposed to zionism (which they brand as a sort of atheists racism), not Judaism. In addition, Israeli hareidim could apply for and receive asylum anywhere in the world, since as clear victims of religious persecution they move to the top of queue in terms of getting refugee status. International support for Israel would collapse and the state would be doomed.

    The Israelis are NOT that stupid, and will probably back down, probably by ending conscription or by limiting sanctions to loss of government benefits (treating non-veteran hareidim the way they treat Arabs).

  5. “When the chareidim get out and work you will sweat less”

    If this is not race baiting of the worst kind, I don’t know what is!

    Its not just the Party of the Street sweeping Kofer, Dovy! Its also the Party of the Backstabbing laugher, Piron!

  6. #5, so let’s say the Haredim do get asylum elsewhere. You think the international government’s will be so kind to pay them to sit and learn? If not then why should Israel be different especially with a growing Haredi population? Get real, to work is a great thing and should be encouraged and people should be helped to instead of having to rely on charity of others.

  7. Hey Katzleib-watch what you say. I have known Dov Lipman for many years and I don’t know what “bad” stuff is in his past. You may not agree with his choice of who to align with politically, but personally he is a great guy