Moshe Margaretten of Tzedek Meets With Zelensky: “They Led Us Through A Dark Hallway With Flashing Lights”


Rabbi Moshe Margaretten of Brooklyn, the head of the non-profit Tzedek Association, met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenzsky in Kyiv on Wednesday evening.

The meeting was arranged by the president’s father, Oleksandr Zelensky, who has been impressed by Margaretten’s humanitarian work, including assisting Ukrainian refugees and sending dozens of ambulances to Ukraine.

During the meeting, Rabbi Margaretten conveyed warm regards from several US senators who promised that they would support the transfer of additional aid to Ukraine. Margaretten also gave a gift to Zelensky – a silver mezuzah engraved with his name.

After Rabbi Margaretten flew to Kyiv, he and Rav Liron Adri, the Rav of Kryvyi Rih, Zelensky’s birthplace and where his parents lived until the outbreak of the war, went through several layers of security before meeting with the president. A source who was present at the meeting told B’Chadrei Chareidim that they were taken through a dark passageway with flashing lights. “The security was crazy,” he said. “We didn’t know where we were being taken before we found ourselves in Zelensky’s office.”

Rabbi Margaretten invited Zelensky to visit Skver in the US and the president was surprised to hear that the Skver chassidus has donated a million dollars to Ukrainian refugees. Zelensky said he would be happy to go to Skver and meet the Rebbe, noting that he is familiar with Skver from its past as a thriving Jewish kehilla in the Ukrainian city of Skvyra.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Only Emes here is YWN’s incontrollable addiction to fawning over Ukraine & rasha Zelenski. YWN’s a pathetic fake news service that lost it’s soul, woked & warped. Enjoy groveling.

  2. Non profit indeed. Someone paid for the flight. Someone paid for the mezuzah. All for these people’s personal kavod, since there is nothing that the in-person meeting benefited the organization.

  3. Did he lay a wreath at the giant monument to Bogdan Chmelnicki in Kyiv, and at the other places Ukrainian murderers of our people are honored there?

    Did he dance Mah Yufis with the Skvira niggun for Zelensky too?

  4. Just scratching my hand if im now looking in NYT comments, the hate we see here is unbeliavable,Zelensky is a JEW same is with Margeratten, and all they doing is helping our Brotheres here in USA and our Brothers in Ukraine going through their worst nightmate war… how this news becomes a way to Bash jews is an Shame!