R’ Moshe Margaretten Rescues Afghani Who Donated Kidney To Frum Jew


Rabbi Moshe Margaretten, the head of the non-profit Tzedek Association, is still hard at work carrying out rescue operations in Afghanistan, together with Israeli-American businessman Moti Kahana.

One recent operation was carried out after Margaretten received an unusual request – to save an Afghan who donated a kidney that saved the life of a frum Jew. The kidney donor was already reportedly in the Taliban’s crosshairs, branded as an “infidel” and sentenced to death for his assistance to a Jew.

Margaretten and Kahana successfully rescued the Afghani kidney donor but further details of the incident are currently being kept under wraps for safety reasons.

Margaretten told the New York Post that he feels obligated to assist Afghani refugees due to his background as the grandchild of Holocaust survivors.

“My grandparents from all sides are Holocaust survivors,” Margaretten said. “They all escaped the Nazis. We all went through the kind of pain these people are going through and we have to do whatever we can.”

Kahana, who is now receiving financing from multiple NGOs told the Post that he is rescuing dozens of people every night but would not provide further details.

“We are doing more judges, prosecutors – mostly women and children are the main focus and people who have helped the US government,” Kahana said. “Also US citizens if there are any. I am basically just an Uber dispatcher in Kabul.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Is there a high level פוסק who paskens for Margaretten with דעת תורה, or is he guided by דעת בעלי בתים? We need to be guided by דעת תורה, not Daas PR.

  2. Kol Hakavod.this is a chareidi men this should be mentioned. because i did not read that the chilonim are helping.
    they only care for them self and ctritisem others.