DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE: Not All Pilots and Stewardesses Are Antisemitic – SEE THESE PHOTOS


There have been enough instances of antisemitic pilots, stewardesses, and airline crew acting discriminatory and antisemitic towards visibly Jewish flyers in recent years to fill a book. But it’s important to keep in mind that those stories are anecdotal and those most experiences go perfectly fine – they just don’t make the news.

One such instance, which by way of this article will make the news, occurred last week, when a Chasidic family – a father, mother, and seven-year-old twins – flew on United Airlines from Newark to Miami.

“As soon as we stepped onto the plane, the crew at the door greeted us warmly and even invited our children to see the cockpit,” one of the family members tells YWN. “The pilots brought our kids into their workspace with big smiles and even allowed them to sit in the pilot seats and took our camera so he could snap pictures for us.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. “Ok???! Who is ywn trying to convince??”

    Chayim: Obviously, cynical or uniformed yidden such as yourself.

    Just as not all flight attendants (or even a significant minority) are antisemitic or racist, not all frum families (or even a significant minority) are the loud and arrogant rule-breakers that seem to make the headlines.

    Simple and obvious takeawary: Don’t judge ANY group by a small fraction of those who seem to trigger these newsworthy broigas.

  2. It doesn’t count as “hype” when the only source for it is YWN. No one claims that aircrews are anti-Semitic. Creating “hype” and then saying your own “hype” is fake news???????

  3. NO Sara Rifka… It is United….I’ve flown UAL for 30 years and when flights are running on time or even a bit early and the passenger loading is light, UA pilots routinely offer families with kids the option of coming up front to the cockpit. Not all get to sit in the captain’s seat but most come away with “honorary” pilot wing pins etc.

  4. Thank you for this. This entire country seems to have reverted to childish black and white thinking. It’s good to have some sense knocked into us. Just like not everything the left doesn’t like is the KKK, not every antisemitic incident is the literal Holocaust.

  5. My experiences with United are generally okay except for the terminal people in Newark at Newark and for the countless miserable experiences I’ve had there as did some extended family members also there, I do not fly United. Their skies may be friendly but their ground personnel are despicable.

  6. Uh oh. I hope none of the pilots or stewardesses touched or shook the kids hands! Then, we would need to call Shomrim and the police immediately! The mother would have to file charges against those evil men.

  7. I hate to see everyone always bash the airlines and pilots in particular.
    Sadly only sad/bad news is newsworthy today, which is the only reason why you see anti semitic videos etc.
    I can attest that most pilots are not anti Semitic as I am currently a student pilot and very much around the aviation community.