WINTER RETURNS FULL-FORCE TO ISRAEL: Rain, Thunderstorms, Flooding, Heavy Snow On Hermon

Snow on the Hermon. (Photo: Hermon site)

Winter has returned to Israel in full force after a long period of no rain and unseasonably warm temperatures.

Temperatures began decreasing on Monday and rain began falling throughout the country on Monday night and Tuesday, accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms in the north and center of the country, and heavy snow on the Hermon and in northern Ramat HaGolan.

Similar conditions are expected on Wednesday, with continued rain, thunderstorms and snow on the Hermon. There is a chance of flooding in the streams of Midbar Yehudah and Yam Hamelech and in the evening hours, there is a chance of light snow on the mountain peaks in the north.

The weather on Thursday is predicted to be partially cloudy, with possible drizzles to light rain, mainly in the north and center. The temperatures will rise but will still be below normal for the season.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)