WATCH: Grafitti Artist Presents Portrait Of Kedoshim To Devorah Paley

Photo: Benzi Brofman

A chizzuk event for women was held at Binyanei HaUma in Jerusalem on Sunday evening following the end of shiva for the kedoshim of the Ramot terror attack.

Close relatives of the kedoshim spoke, including Devorah Paley, mother of Asher, h’yd and Yaakov, h’yd. One of the moving moments of the evening was when a graffiti artist presented Devorah Paley with a portrait of her two sons.

When Benzi Brofman, a graffiti artist from Migdal Ha’Emek, saw the photos of Asher, z’l, and Yaakov, z’l, he was moved by the innocence of their faces and as he told Kan News, “he couldn’t remain indifferent to the sight of the photo.”

.He began painting and videoed the process. He posted it on his Facebook account after he completed the portrait, writing: “The boys’ penetrating gazes and smiles that appeared as one broad smile fused in my heart as a painting in their memory. It’s important for me to give the painting to their family. Whoever can help with this, it will be much appreciated.”

Brofman had his wish fulfilled when he presented the portrait to Devorah Paley at the chizzuk event.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)