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Devorah Paley: “Another Mother Is Bereaved Of Her Two Sons”

Devorah Paley, the mother of the kedoshim Asher and Yaakov, h’yd, spoke about the murder of the Yaniv brothers, h’yd in an interview with Kol B’Ramah on Monday evening.

“We hoped that our sons would be the last victims but unfortunately there is once again a mother who is bereaved of her two sons. I hope that I can make it to the Yaniv family to pay a shiva call,” she said.

Paley also spoke about her husband, Avraham Noach, who b’chasdei Hashem is now conscious and communicating with those around him. “He’s no longer in a life-threatening situation and there’s been a significant improvement in his condition,” she said.

“Of course, he’s unaware of the terrible tragedy. It will be difficult but we’ll get through that too.”

“We’re busy thinking now about how we’ll tell him. My younger son told me that when Abba gets up we’ll tell him that they were tzaddikim so Hashem loved them and took them.”

It’s been noted in Israeli media that the two sets of kedoshim share the same names. The older Paley boy’s name is Asher Menachem, z’l, as compared to the older Yaniv boy’s name of Hillel Menachem, z’tl. The younger Paley boy’s name is Yaakov Yisrael, z’tl, as compared to the younger Yaniv boy’s name of Yigal Yaakov, z’l.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. It’s been noted in Israeli media that the two sets of kedoshim share the same names. Now I am petrified, because 1 of my sons id מנחם and 1 of my sons has יעקב as part of his name.
    & looking at verse 17 of איכה containing both names, I am even more petrified:- Can some learned Rabbi please expound on this verse & the 2 terrible tragedies that have befallen עם ישראל.
    Time for Israeli Government after every tragedy to rename a street after the victim. In this case have 2 adjacent streets:-מנחם Paley & Yaniv next to יעקב Paley & Yaniv, just like the Ari Halberstam Ramp got renamed after the tragic victim.
    Also time to rename a street in East Jerusalem every time someone Heaven Forbid is assassinated.

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