WATCH: This Is How Jews In Tehran Recite “Shoshanas Yaakov”


Jews throughout the world celebrated Purim on Monday evening, including the Jews in modern-day Persia, otherwise known as the Islamic Republic.

Like every year, Chief Rabbi of Tehran Rav Yehudah Gerami davened at the kevarim of Mordechai and Esther in the city of Hamadan before Purim.

In the video below, Jews in Tehran can be seen in shul after Kriyas HaMegillah reciting Shoshanas Yaakov in the Persian nusach.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. why do they have such a short mechitzah? is it even 10 tefachim? very odd especially because i would have thought a full mechitzah would be easier to implementt in a muslim controlled/cultured country

  2. Instead of sharing a sense of respect for yidden who are able to observe the chag in a country where yidden are increasingly at risk, some fret about the height of the mechitzah. I’m sure the Rav of this shul is fully aware of the halacha and the local hashkafah.