WATCH: “This Is About The State Of Tel Aviv Versus A Jewish State”

Israeli police officer argues with a demonstrator as others block a main road to protest against plans by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new government to overhaul the judicial system, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Wednesday, March 1, 2023. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty

During a discussion in the Knesset’s Constitution Committee on Monday, one of the speakers revealed the true motive behind the anti-judicial reform protests.

“This is about the state of Tel Aviv versus the Jewish state,” said Dr. Giora Yaron, a businessman and physicist who served in the past as the chairman of the board of directors at Tel Aviv University and is heavily involved in the protests against the reform.

“This isn’t a term I invented. The problem today is the Jewish state versus the state of Tel Aviv and the state of Tel Aviv is simply fed up!” he said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Baruch Hashem the change from a state of Jews to a Jewish state is slowly but surely happening before our eyes. And Israel would be better off for it in every single way. These Tel Avivians are basically leeches of the society. Even though they are a minority they unfairly and disproportionately place their thumb on the scale of politics to have a judicial system that favors them over everyone else. They do not serve in combat units like the religious nationalists and do not learn torah to protect the country like the chareidim. These Tel Avivians instead party all night and sleep all day. Israel would be better off without these leeches. What are we going to miss? The rude attitudes of the Tel Avivians or the scum and filth culture they imitate poorly? We also know that these Tel-Avivians refuse to work with Arabs, Chareidim, Sefaradim instead, using undo influence in policitics, they box those groups out of the Israeli job market in order to enrich themselves. Getting rid of these bloodsuckers will only open opportunities in business and high tech to ALL of Israeli society so that prosperity will reign throughout the land and in every sector instead of just a few blocks along the Mediterranean coast. Tel Avivians for years have been unfairly taking advantage of the rest of society. Jews have had enough of these cockroaches.

  2. All this diatribe is Public Sinat chinam & Lashon hara aimed at millions of brother Jews Tizkor what you wrote next TISHA B’AV!! How would you New York – New Jersey Jews react to being stereotyped as State of woked, vaxxed, leftist or RINO at best??? BB is hated by millions for his deceit, unrepentant crimes and egotistical attitude as demonstrated in this venomous article. Israel’s leftists protesting doesn’t whitewash bb’s crimes nor allow getting away with Goebbels – Haman type Public Slander! Try doing something useful like taking on real enemies like Hamas – Hezbo – Biden – US State Dept ………..

  3. the jews stole the state from the arabs.
    SO we say g-d gave this land to me
    so arabs say in psalms ‘vyitayn lohem nachlas goyim beavir yismery chikoisof’ loose translation ‘and he gave them land of israel so they will heed his torah’ same in bechukoisay and ki tavo
    so these leftist who dont believe have no right to take the land from the arabs

  4. Over a century of zionism fighting for its life against Yiddishkeit’s millenia. But one needs to remember that without the zionists, the economy of Eretz Yisrael would collapse and it is unlikely that the medinah could defend itself militarily.

    The Hareidim (defined as the ones who refuse to accept money from the medinah), may now say “I told you so”.

  5. I have to agree with besalel, the majority of Israelis are fed up with being oppressed by the ASSEs- the Ashkenazi Secular Socialist/leftist Elites ! Power to the people —Judicial Reform now!

  6. Shimen said: “the Jews stole the state from the arabs.”

    My response:

    This is false slander [Motzi Shem Ra] against Jews!

    Jews bought the land from Arabs at extremely high prices.

    Additionally, both The League of Nations and The United Nations Organization both designated the land of Israel as belonging to the Jews.

    Tanach teaches that Eretz Yisrael belongs to Jews; we cannot “steal” that which rightfully belongs to us. Did Yehoshua ben Nun “steal” Eretz Yisrael?

    Shimen: If you do not do teshuvah for your false accusation, you will have no chelek in Olam Haba and you are guaranteed to go to Gehinom.