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WATCH: Bochurim Dance & Sing As Leftists Protest In Front Of Deri’s Home

Left-wing protesters carried out an unannounced protest in front of Shas chairman Aryeh Deri’s temporary home in Bayit Vegan on Thursday morning as part of another national protest day dubbed National Paralysis Day.

Despite the fact that the protests are ostensibly against judicial reform, they are actually protests against religion and tradition, as testified by the protesters’ signs with slogans against religion and Chareidim, including “we must oppose a halachic state.”

Bochurim from Wolfson Yeshivah and Kehillas Noam responded by dancing and singing Achas Shaalti, Ashrei HaAm, Lev Tahor and Lev Tov Bara Li Elokim.

One protester, seeing that they were failing to provoke the Chareidi residents, resorted to an antisemitic trope of throwing money at the bochurim, hoping they would stop dancing to grab it and he could video the scene. However, his provocation failed and the bochurim ignored the money. The protesters resorted to trying to outshout the bochurim – a losing proposition. Many reports testify to the fact that protest organizers are paying people to show up to the protests.

One protester danced together with the bochurim, as seen in the video below.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

11 Responses

  1. So proud of these yeshiva boys! Response to provocative hatred is singing and dancing to Hashem! And finally, some of Soros’ money that the leftist threw at the yeshiva boys will actually do some good , giving these boys some extra money.

  2. Dancing and singing in “honor” of a convicted felon is not something to be proud of. Deri should not have a place in the government.

  3. every day we see the Zionists get more desperate and yet there are frum people who believe we should embrace this anti Torah movement? let the Zionists have their politics and we will have our Torah

  4. I am surprised at the rise of dancing in such context amongst the ‘yeshivishe’ community. Disregard the politically convicted felon argument. They sing and dance in response to similar political stimuli. My question is Where does this response come from? My suspicion is that it is a parallel to the anomalous pictures of dancing Hasidim that adorn the walls of their parent’s (or maybe grandparent’s) homes, despite the fact that those same would themselves deny (nay, disdain) any connection with those Hasidim. These kids have subconsciously translated those pictures into action, without understanding or affiliating with whatever motivated them. That said, I would refer to the pair to those pictures – a bearded old Jew leaning with his grandson, or a discussing a profound topic with a colleague. I’m waiting for those kids to rather emulate the latter pictures.

  5. Beautiful job
    These haters who were flown in and get paid from UN and NGO should be permanently not allowed entry like the terrorists.
    Freedom of speech doesn’t allow for uprising and Sadation.

  6. Stay tuned as how many of the protest rioters will soon be gov’t ministers in Israel

    By contrast what happens protesters are Trump supporters or of the(center-right, naively, and) right-wing,

  7. Deri was framed. The self appointed ARYAN nepotistic WHITE SUPREMACIST mafia style RACIST Israel’s Supreme Court of “Justice “. Disbars and ostracizes Sephardim from judicial positions. Except for cosmetic purposes….And is orchestrating and manufacturing criminal cases against right wing politicians especially the Shas party members.

  8. Oh, stop it already about “twice convicted felon”. As far as any believing Jew is concerned he could be convicted seven times, and it would make no difference. He’s still a wonderful Jew, a champion of torah and mitzvos, who has the trust of the gedolei hatorah who restored him to his position, and of the voters who came out in such overwhelming numbers to elect him. Anyone who cares about someone’s criminal convictions and rules him out on that basis is not someone who believes in the Torah. The Avoda Zara of the “law” is a symptom of being not Orthodox but Protestant. Only Protestant Jews worship it.

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