Leftists March Into Bnei Brak With Provocative Signs, Municipality Offers Cholent, Drinks

Left-wing protesters in Bnei Brak, one holding an LGBTQ flag, hold a provocative sign saying "HaRav Shach is ashamed of you."

At about 7 p.m. on Thursday night, left-wing protesters began marching into Bnei Brak.

Hundreds of police officers were deployed at all entrances to the city and inside it in preparation for the protest.

The Bnei Brak municipality prepared refreshments for the protesters, including cholent, with a sign saying: “Refreshments and drinks for our brothers, the Tel Avivians.”

Residents offer refreshments to protesters. צילום: אורן רוזנפלד

In contrast, some protesters held provocative signs, with one saying: “HaRav Shach is ashamed of you.” Another held a sign saying: “Chareidi parasite – not at my expense.”

Some protesters wore helmets in expectation of the response of city residents to their provocations.

In the video below, B’Chadrei Chareidim reporter Yanky Farber provides an update (in English) from the scene of the protest.

Below, protesters sing HaTikvah in front of the Yated Ne’eman office.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. this shows that Torah goes with chesed while the lack of Torah by these secularists leads to kol dovor assur and even support of toeiva the ultimate aveira, we cannot allow these secular Zionists to even get one inch, we will NEVER go to their army and become absorbed into their shmad. NEVER.

  2. Regarding their remark about Rav Schach – they are actualy not too much off the mark. Rav Schach, as we know, did origianaly have somewhat leftest views (like giving back land for “peace”, etc).

  3. Why did they come specifically to Bnei Brak to protest? What are they protesting? The judicial reform bill? If so, why come to Bnei Brak? Aren’t there better/more relevant locations to make a policewoman protest?

  4. Devilishly Sly of them to subvert his name

    Kl Yl,
    Totally fallacious. Twice, in 1990 and 1996 he adamantly said: get rid of the left out of government.
    And all that was before way before the the left and Center completely sold themselves to the international pernicious rainbow .
    Back then he already said famously “what makes you people Jews? ”
    Nowadays he would be vomiting. and wouldn’t tolerate them for anything

    Even re: his policies on political and land issues would be more similar to what nowadays be centrist or soft right than the left. EG for example he permitted the founding of Moshav Mattityahu and was wary of the Arafat peace deal

  5. The cat is out; protests have nothing to do with judicial reform! It’s Anti-chareidy, and the judges are anti-chareidy – this is why many protest organisers objected the Bnei Brak protest – it spoiled their argument of so-called “being anti-democratic”.

    one protester to BBC: “”What were [we] fighting for? What were all the sacrifices made for?” she asked.

    “My father and brothers didn’t fight in wars for a theocracy, for Orthodox Jews, that would persecute **** [animals], that would discriminate against women, that would persecute Arabs,” she continued.”
    I would advise her to pack up and move to the US, not lost anything in a so-called “Jewish State” – shouldn’t spend a single day in the army for these motives!

  6. I do not like to write this but bad things happen in both communities

    Rabbi gifter once said that at Zionist parade the father of one the leaders came and said like this “for declaration it depends if this will lead to kvod shamayim or not” there is politics then the torah some of them hate any religion but they hide it with that some of them would keep torah but they can not from there social friends, the goan rabbi gershon edulsin said to not speak with them he was right can not explain it, but when its politics

    You are marbeh junk and shtuyot
    This is the nicest thing I have seen in Israel for years.
    What a kiddush H If only we all Frum people handled it all this way the Torah way.
    Chabad had a saying ahavat chinam
    Kol hakavod

  8. No there is absolutely no problem!
    HaGaon HaRav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach ztvk”l paskened that nowadays we should give food to the non-religious because it will be mekarev them and the opposite would be merachek them.
    Glad that you asked.