MAJOR DEVELOPMENT: Netanyahu Considering Halting Justice Reform


Coalition leaders in Israel are currently divided over proposed legislation to overhaul the country’s judiciary system. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Shas party leader Aryeh Deri are in favor of halting the advancement of the legislation, while Justice Minister Yariv Levin and National Security Minister Ben Gvir want to push forward with it.

The ultra-Orthodox United Torah Judaism party has said it will support any decision made by Netanyahu, but Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli is calling for a rethink in how the legislative package is presented to the public.

Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, a leading rabbi in the religious nationalist movement and a spiritual mentor to the Religious Zionism party, along with other prominent rabbis from the community, has signed a letter urging a ceasefire in the fight over the judicial shakeup.

Economy Minister Nir Barkat has issued a statement in support of Netanyahu, assuming he will halt the judicial overhaul legislation. Miki Zohar, the Likud’s culture and sports minister, also supports Netanyahu’s decision.

Discussions in the Prime Minister’s Office about a possible stop to the judicial reform legislation have taken place, with Justice Minister Yariv Levin threatening to resign from the government if the legislation is stopped.

A meeting of the leaders of the coalition parties is expected to take place in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office on Monday morning to discuss the issue. The situation remains tense as coalition leaders weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the proposed legislation.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. If Judicial Reform fails in Israel, then that means Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like the New Israel Fund, that are funded by George Soros, defeated the legally elected and democratically elected government of Israel.

    But they did not do it by themselves; they had lots of help from the Mainstream News Media (MSM), which is dominated by far-Leftists, who are fans of George Soros.

  2. NO!NO!NO! Judicial reform is essential or the Ashkenazi Secular leftist elite small minority will just grow more and more powerful to the detriment of most of the population and the future of Israel. JUDICIAL REFORM NOW!!

  3. Now he’ll be seen as weak, unable to overcome the riots from the Left.

    Riots work when you’re a Leftists – every. single. time.

  4. Bibi has no other choice to save himself!
    And that is what it is (mostly) about!
    The rest is about Bibi’s legacy as a leader and lover of Israel and Jews!

  5. Something doesn’t make sense here. It was just reported by JTN that Netanyahu fired Defense Minister Gallant for announcing that he wants to pause the reforms. So how is he now considering stopping them himself?

  6. They are supposed to be great Zionists loving the State of Israel, but if it doesn’t quite go their way they have problem destroying the country.

  7. The erev rav and Soros win. Good bye Israel , no sense holding elections or voting in them if the small group of leftist elites in the judiciary, media ,universities, etc. can control everyone and everything.