Ben-Dahan: All the Lomdei Torah in the Merit of the State of Israel


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bdaDeputy Minister of Religious Services (Bayit Yehudi) Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan praises the State of Israel which has fostered the significant growth in the number of lomdei Torah.

Addressing a Beersheva kenos, the deputy minister stated “There have never been so many lomdei Torah in the history of the Jewish People, so many bnei yeshivos, so many Torah seforim, and all of this is in the merit of the State of Israel’s decision recognizing the importance of the Torah world.

Ben-Dahan adds that nothing has changed and today the nation continues to recognize the importance and significance of limud Torah.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So it is true, the zionists have gone the way of the followers of Shabbatai Zvi and you know who, in substituting something new in place of our traditional Torah. We should be dan le-kaf zechus. He might be a shoteh who keeps bad company (he is a member of the Kenesset after all).

  2. #1 is so ridiculous it’s sad.What have you done for any Jew or country? The learning done today is great and you don’t get it. what a shock

  3. The State of Israel made a political deal to do so in order to get recognition as a State.

    The Zionists also only do so in the hope of shmading them to become Zionists so they then won’t have to support Torah.

    The Zionists thought this would be a gradual process and that they would win. They now seem to have woken up that they will not win this way (gradual shmad), so they instead went for the jugular (mandatory shmad), which resulted in the atzeres tefilla in both E”Y and elsewhere begging Hashem for mercy from the terrible plans of the evil Zionists.

  4. “Happy Oleh” said “The State of Israel is the largest supporter of Torah learning in the world. Just do the numbers.”

    Perfectly true-but understated. The reality is that “The State of Israel is BY FAR the largest supporter of Torah learning in the HISTORY OF the world. Just do the numbers-even Akuperma can’t deny that fact.

  5. I am not sure what Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan’s point is. The article is a little vague to me.

    I do know however that this is a point of argument amongst the D”L and the Chareidim concerning the Medina.

    The D”L claim that the Medina allowed for all the Torah that is here today.
    The Chareidim claim that all the Torah that is here today is in spite of the Medina.

    I choose not to get into such arguments because in my experience those arguments end fruitless.