Beitar Illit Mayor: “Enough Of Turning The Other Cheek”

Beitar Mayor Meir Rubinstein.

Beitar Mayor Meir Rubinstein, who also serves as chairman of the Forum of Chareidi Authorities, wrote an opinion article on the boycott against Angel Bakery that was published in the Hamevasar newspaper this week.

“Two weeks have passed since the disgraceful ones came to provoke and harm us – at our home – and they still haven’t thought of apologizing or drawing conclusions. They’re counting on the fact that we’ll forget about it. We must not forget! In this case, moving on to our daily agenda makes us complicit in the crime.”

“After all, the protest on רחוב ראב”ד, along with its disgraceful location under the home of HaGaon HaRav Gershon Edelstein, was not aimed at a specific group or sector but against all Chareidim. In recent years, we’ve become the doormat – sniveling broadcasters hurl all their hatred and hardships at us; corrupt politicians win mandates through us; morning newspapers pour דם ואש ותמרות עשן on us; and media programs shoot arrows and projectiles at us every evening, with their mouths spewing hatred. And no one opens their mouth and says a peep.”

“They are taking advantage of our gentility – that out of all the hundreds and thousands of chessed and refuah organizations, the giving and assistance, the Chareidim don’t even have one organization that will snatch the spear and fight back – file defamation lawsuits – and fight on the contemporary battlefield. And that’s our source of pride (to a certain extent) – we were raised to be those who are insulted and do not insult.”

“But that’s all correct, proper and beautiful in private, each in his day-to-day life (and perhaps even within the kehilla). But when we’re faced with a deliberate and continuous attack against the entire Chareidi public, against Hashem U’Meshicho, against everything that has a glimmer of religion, and they try in every way to direct the fire at us, and even business leaders who make a living and get rich from our tzibur throw insults at us and even publicly and shamelessly protest against everything that is kodesh and dear to us – we’re obligated to stop turning a blind eye.”

“It is our moral, public and educational obligation to keep away from Angel! Nothing – no bread or pastries, sandwiches or coffee.”

“For kavod Shamayim, for kavod Rabboseinu, for the chinuch of our children. If someone gets up to boycott you, get up and boycott him first. Enough of turning the other cheek.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. They are threatening to go after Beni Barak residents.
    They are calling for Civil war.

    You don’t need to stop having coffee cookies and start thinking about where are the police and politicians protecting civil society defunding the Anarchist paid and bought by Outside funds for years.

    And if they raise one hand on a Jew.

  2. I’m very happy with the current situation. Sooner than later, isrealy government will. Be destructed.

    No ציונים,אגידיסטן,מזרחיסטן,רשעים ימ”ש.

  3. I stand only for the Chareidi……as a Frum Jew and not a Chabad Jew but a simple frum and shabbos loving jew ……..I stand with a group I couldn’t even climb a ladder to catch up to, I struggle I continue, may we all help the Chareidi and all of us who keep TORAH……may Hashem grant us all the will power to succeed over the evil dimensions of Lapid , Bennet, Herzog and many others…..

  4. the use of YMS and Nazis is a sad reminder of how bad the divide has gotten. The next government will not be dependent on Hareidim and then the reality will set in.

  5. He couldn’t be more right. It was stomach turning to see some frum guy “turning the other cheek” saying that he loves the chilonim and he served in the army as if we are supposed to answer up to some reform mechallel Shabbos atheist rasha who wants a klal Yisroel without chareidim. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Most Israeli secular are disgusting people who still have the vicious self hate that their ancestors had when they decided to go off the derech a couple of generations ago. The worst part is that over here, they look at us as if we are not behaving like proper Jews. The chutzpah. Here you have people not keeping Shabbos, not keeping kosher, not even believing in Hashem, and still they think they are behaving like proper Jews?! Being mevazeh one the gedolei HaDor?!

    Enough is enough. Enough of the cuddling and kissing up to these people that has been encouraged in name of ‘chassidus’ or ‘Ahavas Yisroel’ which is totally wrong. V’Ahavta l’reacha kamocha means reiacha BEMITZVOS and does not go on atheists.

    And to all the lefties out there saying these ppl are tinokei SheNishba who should be loved unconditionally:

    You are wrong. A tinok SheNishba means a guy who was kidnapped as a kid and raised outside Yiddishkeit. However a non-Jew is also commanded to believe in Hashem. So your whole svara goes out the door in A SECOND! Clearly a chiloni atheist is still held accountable regardless of whether he is a tinok SheNishba.

  6. Wrong, sanctimonious big mouth. Your enemy is not your fellow Jew no matter how ugly his midos. Need Hamas, Iran, Isis, PIJ, Hezbo, PA, etc, etc, etc to remind you???

  7. Shame on you Mods for allowing the message from JayD

    It’s a disgrace for a yid to say wipe out another yids name never mind millions of them who are included in his statement
    But for you to institutionalise it is abhorrent
    Please delete his message

  8. @shlomomo
    Do we not say in the haggada “lachem v’lo lo, kivan shehotzi atzmo min haklal, kafar, b’ikkar”?
    Does it not say that mumarim have a din of lo ma’alin?
    Does it not say that that ‘v’ahavta l’reiacha, is only for those who keep mitzvos?


    Yet you have an issue when he calls for legal and understandable protest to vulgararities tossed at Chareidim daily?

    Why dont you go to these people and preach your same words?
    “your fellow Jew is not your enemy”?!

    But the truth is, that its almost always the one who should be close to you who is the greatest enemy.
    There is no treachery like treason.

    Does it not say “misanayich umachrivayich mimeich yeitzei’u?

    Now, whos side are you on?