LEFTISTS SHOW THEIR TRUE COLORS: Call For “Siege” Of Bnei Brak On Wednesday


As many have predicted, the so-called protests against judicial reform have now been transformed into a frontal assault against Chareidim on the background of reports of the coalition funds promised to the Charedi sector as the government prepares to pass the state budget.

Kumi Israel, one of the organizations leading the left-wing protests, published a notice on Tuesday with a picture of Finance Committee chairman Yitzchak Gafni dressed as a “פריץ” entitled SIEGE ON BNEI BRAK: March Of Rage Against The Embezzlers Of Public Funds. It Isn’t Moshke, It’s The Poritz.”

The “march of rage” is called for Wednesday evening, with protesters gathering at the Ayalon Mall in Tel Aviv at 8 p.m. and beginning the “march of rage” at 9 p.m.

The notice is only one of a number of antisemitic publications and acts on Tuesday, including the dispersal of 200 shekel bills outside the home of Housing Minister Yitzchak Goldknopf on Tuesday morning and an antisemitic cartoon published in Haaretz featuring religious politicians gleefully carrying bundles of money.

Chareidi journalist Yisrael Cohen responded to the notice about the “siege” by stating: “The language, the words, the terminology and the spirit emitting from this horrifying poster, for some reason remind me of the terror of the Jews in the ghetto in exile from the threats of their neighbors and the constant fear of a pogrom. Strike the Chareidim and save the protest!”

By writing “save the protest,” Cohen was likely referring to the dwindling number of participants at recent left-wing protests. The organizers even canceled last week’s “National Disruption Day” last Thursday in the wake of the poor turnout at the protests the week before.

It remains to be seen how many protesters will show up on Wednesday evening.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Disgraceful! All the other sectors have their schools funded in the budget already, only the charedi sector has to beg year after year to get funding, which is usually a fraction per capita that other sectors get.The leftist attacks and protests on charedim must be stopped.

  2. With the help of Lapid and Mayor of TelAviv who called for civil war, and BDS the wish of Left ( UN, US, with help of Reform Elite actors ) is coming to be.

    With 1.25 children and 2 DOGS the left used Netanyahu as tool to submit the nation to their wishes.

    Now they (Lapid, Liberman, Bennet with ready funds ) are threatening harming Citizens.
    Let the Haman’s dice roll and will see where the Reshaim will end up.

  3. We are not talking about a simple danger to life here the gedolim must warn the people to not talk to them and to ignore them unless your in chabad and ready to get hurt they are probably the most dangerous mob that there is and if it was in TelAviv people would get beaten to death

  4. so sorry for these self hating jews who dress and act like goyim! we wish for them the most appropriate punishment that all their descendants should become chareidim!

  5. Mi Kol hareschaim Jasmid the should go to Iran and not life in a so calles zionist and jewish country.
    May the have gehenom including there leader Lapid, Liebermann and Benett

  6. @mindyourownbusiness; why only their descendants should become chareidim – they themselves can and should do Teshuvah as well. Rav Edelstein Shlita repeatedly says in his shmussen: we need to daven for all the Chilonim to do Teshuvoh and that’s why the brochoh of החזירינו בתשובה שלימה is in plural.

  7. Horrible Clickbait for more Sinas Chinam & LH from this woked rag. Tisha B’Av is nearing. If you’re trying to outdo Kamza & Bar Kamza you’ve succeeded. Shame on YWN for posting this drek!