Hundreds “Besiege” Bnei Brak For “March Of Rage”

צילום: איתמר כהן חדשות כל העולם

A large number of officers of Israel Police and Border Guard equipped with horses and water cannons were waiting on Wednesday evening in Bnei Brak in preparation for the provocative “siege of the city and “march of rage” by left-wing protesters.

Hundreds of protesters entered the city waving flags, shouting slogans and carrying anti-Chareidi signs.

There were complaints from dozens of city residents who were blocked by police officers from returning to their homes on the streets where the protesters were marching.

Police preparations.

Like the previous march, some residents greeted the “besiegers” with drinks and snacks.

Photo: Yishai Cohen

A sign greeted the protesters saying: “Bnei Brak will remain Bnei Brak and Tel Aviv will remain Tel Aviv. We all have to learn to live together.”

Several “protesters” came bearing signs in support of Bnei Brak residents.

צילום: מאיה לוין

Some friendly conversations occurred between Chareidim and protesters:

Udi Tenne/Twitter

But there were also conflicts. A protester tried to hit a bochur with his flagpole as seen in the video below:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)



  1. Hard to see how far some of our brothers and sisters have strayed from תורה. They unfortunately don’t look any different than the lunatic left of any other country. Very scary and eye opening.

  2. may all these liberals non shabbos jews rot in gehinnon__no other words other than this HATE IS YOU you are goyem not jews..

  3. They are our brothers after all! Kiruv is the right way. They are not maskilim or kofrim lehachus. Their leaders and Zionism has corrupted them. They nebech don’t know what they’re missing. Why isn’t anyone crying for them? Compassion for their חלק אלה׳ ממעל. אף על פי שחטא ישראל הוא. I’m not an apologist or Chabad, I’m crying for my list brothers! Continue Bnei Brak to keep your strength and know that it’s a test on both fronts. אהבת השם ואהבת ישראל.

  4. This are Lapids and Liebermann and Benetts People.Probably they paid from them.Dont they work?
    Worser then the goyim. This is called the Jewish state. The like the nazis.

  5. Shmuff:
    The old saying:
    Kill him with Love..!!!!!!
    If you love your fellow Jew no matter who is they will Never gonna harm you….שלח לחמך על פני המים

  6. Harryyid: the stat you cite is misleading because (1) chareidim have larger families and enjoy exemptions seculars do not and (2) the job sector is rigged against chareidim.

    Besides, imagine how disgusting it would look if white Americans began protesting against blacks because they pay less taxes, on average.

  7. One quick look at these “protestors” and can see it’s the same nebuch crowd of no-nothing morons (also known as low-info voters) and Gay agitators (although they were careful to leave their rainbow flags at home this time).

  8. NAFTALICOLEMAN May 17, 2023 10:29 pm at 10:29 pm
    Israeli chilonim – the new nazis!

    you never understood the Shoah or the Nazis. tzei u’lemad

  9. a jew without living according to the Torah what do you expect….. history repeats its self confused they are oy just daven for syata dshmaya

  10. The hatred coming from the Left towards Chareidim is so horrifying and so sad. But the hatred I see in the comments above towards the Chilonim is even worse, because Chareidim should know better. We definitely have much to complain about when it comes to Chilonim in E”Y, but the absolute hatred toward a fellow Yid, and yes, they are sadly also Yidden, shakes me to the core. We can argue with them. We can try to be assertive to get what we deserve. But to hate them to the degree I see in these comments is painful to me. And to compare people marching in the streets and blowing horns in Bnei Brak to Nazis, who tortured and murdered our men, women and children is too horrifying to even think about.

  11. Not every Israeli whose paternal grandfather was Jewish is Jewish.

    A significant number of immigrants to Israel, especially since the 1970s, are unfortunately not halachaically jewish.

  12. When these people do a complete teshuva, the world will be a better place.

    Moreover, we will have the geula:
    הבטיחה תורה שסוף ישראל לעשות תשובה בסוף גלותן ומיד הן נגאלין

    May this happen speedily, amen!

  13. Sara
    I understand and feel the damage caused by Neo Zionts, before Holocaust, During Holocaust and definitely after.
    These people are product of their teachings and society devoid of reasoning.
    But there might be among the shmootz some souls (like the video of the man crying hearing shalom alicichem) that need to return.

    Also in Beni Berak no one does anything with out the permission of Rabanim so the serving is a good will gesture that the Rabbis probably signed up on.
    So as angry as we get we must be careful of “Jewish imposters” specifically on this site with names like gadolb and such and be careful of those who pretend to be Jewish than those who wear ninja headband and attack Jews with flagpole. One imposter is visibly non Jewish and one who wears peios and kapata but in reality is Christian missionary.

  14. The whole idea of zionism was a place where Jews could live free of Torah and Mitsvos. If all they wanted was a place where Jews could live safely and freely as Jews, there were many other options, but in all of them they wouldn’t be freeing of Yiddishkeit. Of course they are angry, since they perceive the Medinah evolving into a Jewish state, as opposed to the secular zionist state that they have dreamed of for the last 150 years. And since for them, there is no “Olam Ha-Ba”, this means the total destruction of everything they have worked for since the late 19th century.

  15. The fact that there is a small minority who protest, whether for bad reasons or misguided, is not surprising or concerning. But it seems that there is no wave of opposition to these protests from the majority of population.

    So, if indeed majority of population do not feel a need to defend Bnei Braq residents from false accusations, it is a reason for soul searching why there is no string kesher between Bnei Braqians and general normal “traditional”/masorti Jews.

  16. 6x difference in taxes needs to be clarified – is this excluding children, normalized by age? And even after normalization, there is no religious or state hiyuv for a person to work so hard to maximize their earnings (and taxes), and there are historical reasons why not all charedrim are in most productive industries.

    A better metric would be percentages of population (by age and sex) that are productively employed. Not trying to support their family would be an aveira worth mentioning, but salary difference – not.

  17. Imagine these hooligans have grandparents (depending their age), that are crying from above about their lost children! The צער השכינה is unbelievably painful, moshiach is sittings with his sack and crying! True, Halacha is Halacha and Torah does demand law and order and teaches us how to deal with every individual as Torah sees fit! Yes, we on this earth have a Torah that teaches us about how to deal with these people. די מה שתשיב, חירום, הפגנה, וכו…

    No, the chilonom cannot get away with their shenanigans; no, the do not have the right to cry out that there is no moral obligations and c”v a higher power. I can go on forever on what they shouldn’t get away with.

    We do must analyze how to Hashem, emphasize (Hashem), a small avaira is just as bad as a big aveirah. More so, when an Ovid Hashem says a loshon horah or hurts a yid, behaves in a way improper bein odam lechaveiroh or lamokom and creates a chilul Hashem r”l, how far is he from Hashem and how he must make a cheshbon hanefesh! A cheshbon of how many yidden are learning from his massim; positive or negative r”l.

    At the end of tochacha, it says vezicharti es brisi: Seforim ask why put this there if the tochocha is about punishment? They say, that Hashem looks at who we are as am Yisroel beshorsho and who our fathers were when he judges us!

    Like many comments above, let’s please put more focus on ahavas Yisroel (even our own community is lacking in this midah nebech), and understand that we’re one via our neshama which is one with Hashem. Let’s spill some tears by davening that our lost brothers see the sweetness of Torah and mitzvot! Maybe when we say tefilas shelo today/tomorrow, we have in mind our lost kinderlach: those that don’t go to cheder at all! We merit that at least our kids are living in a community!

    Sorry for writing so much but I’m not a journalist and I’m writing from hurt and crying from pain for my list brothers!😢