Left-Wing Reporter On Bnei Brak Protest: “Israelis Who Lost Their Way, Camp Is An Empty Wagon”

Eldad Yaniv.

As it becomes more and more clear that left-wing protesters, who every week come up with a new reason to protest, simply hate Chareidim, there was widespread condemnation of the Bnei Brak “hate protest” on Wednesday evening.

Even left-wing media personalities criticized the “siege” of the Chareidi city.  Journalist Eldad Yaniv wrote: “What heartache about good Israelis who lost their way. They yell to the media that they’re ‘besieging’ their brothers – but in actuality, they fall on the refreshment stands the ‘besieged’ prepared for them.”

“My camp doesn’t deserve to look like this – like an empty wagon.”

“The demonstration of hatred against Bnei Brak tonight shames every humanist, liberal and human-loving Israeli.”

Yaniv later added: “Tell me the truth. Let’s assume the Chareidim will fully mobilize. Like Religious Zionism. Let’s assume they’ll work at full capacity. Like Religious Zionism. Even then you’ll oppose them. Like you’re against Religious Zionism. (Yeshivas Ma’ale Eliyahu). Fully.”

“So who are your partners for life here? The State of Tel Aviv? After we expel the religious people from the city? With the border on Ayalon?”

Ynet political reporter Moran Azulay also condemned the incitement toward Chareidim and expressed surprising words of support for the sector.

“The Chareidim don’t extort money,” she wrote. “Most of them live with extraordinary modesty by choice and are happy with their lot in a way that can only be envied. Pleasure trips abroad don’t interest them and neither do luxury restaurants and shopping trips.”

“You can debate and criticize the issue around productivity and sharing the burden. But extortion and greed like you accuse them of here – no and no.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. That video doesn’t look like civil
    War bh. At the end of the day we are all brothers even if we don’t see eye to eye. We didn’t go to them to make them baalei teshuva-so they were brought to us-what an opportunity to show them a good example!

  2. More click bait Lashon Hara from woked YWN. Is it so hard to find something useful or positive to write about that y’all resort to this dreck?

  3. Wow, how is that. by the lefties one cannot see even one religious yid, with beard and payoes any thing whatsoever a resemblANCEOF A REILGIOUS GODFEARING JEW.

  4. The suits at ywn subscribe to an AP feed so they can sit back and get anti trump articles to try to sway the tzibbur not to vote for the don, they are the mainstream media that bill Oreilley talks about. because it’s a chillel hashem voting for the don. But remember voting for Biden is a kiddish hashem