3 IDF Soldiers Murdered By Terrorist On Egyptian Border

Staff Sgt. Ohad Dahan, H'yd (far left), Staff Sgt. Ori Yitzchak Iluz, H'yd (center),and Sgt. Lia Ben Nun, H'yd, were killed by an Egyptian terrorist on Shabbos.

A terrorist who was later identified as an Egyptian policeman shot and killed two IDF soldiers who were guarding a military position on the Egyptian border in the early hours of Shabbos morning.

IDF forces were deployed to the scene and carried out searches of the area. On Shabbos afternoon, IDF soldiers spotted the terrorist in Israeli territory and a gun battle ensued. The terrorist was killed in the exchange of fire, and tragically, a third IDF soldier was killed and an officer was lightly wounded.

One of the soldiers that were killed on Shabbos morning was identified as Sgt. Lia Ben-Nun, 19, H’yd, of Rishon L’Tzion, and the second soldier was named as Staff Sgt. Ori Yitzchak Iluz, 20, H’yd, of Tzfas.

The soldier killed on Shabbos afternoon was named as Staff Sgt. Ohad Dahan, 20, H’yd of Ofakim.

The IDF stated that “an investigation is taking place in close and full cooperation with the Egyptian army.”

Chief of Staff Hertzi HaLevi said: “This is a serious incident in which two IDF soldiers and a female soldier fell in an operational activity to maintain security at the Egyptian border. We are investigating the incident in a thorough and in-depth manner together with the Egyptian army.”

IDF Chief of Staff Herzi HaLevi and IDF officers near the scene of the incident on the Egyptian border. (IDF spokesperson)

The murders on Shabbos morning by the Egyptian policeman occurred only hours after IDF forces thwarted a major drug smuggling operation on the border. Egypt claims that the Egyptian police officer was chasing after the drug smugglers and has not recognized the incident as a terrorist incident.

Following a phone call between Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and his Egyptian counterpart, Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Zaki, about the incident, the Egyptian army issued a statement saying: “Mohammed Zaki, the Minister of Defense and Supreme Commander of the Egyptian Forces, spoke on the phone with Minister Yoav Gallant to discuss the circumstances of today’s incident and to express his condolences for the dead on both sides.”

Gallant issued a statement saying: “I spoke this evening with my Egyptian counterpart, Minister Mohamed Zaki. I emphasized the importance of our cooperation in the investigation of the severe attack in which three IDF troops were killed. We agreed to work together to prevent terrorism along our border and to further strengthen defense ties between our countries.”

(YWN’s Jerusalem desk is keeping you updated after tzeis ha’Shabbos in Israel.)


  1. Why are you showing pictures of that girl soldier? Even if you support her, do you think you are doing her a favor by displaying her picture?

  2. Egypt is not our friend.

    before moshiach comes there will be a big war Israel will have to fight that will include Egypt

    the vast majority of its population still hates all things israel and the jews…

  3. Yes, they are doing her a favor, so to speak. Let people see this young girl’s face, not cancel and erase her, as though she never existed! If you are so into Shmiras Anayim, which is very admirable. why are you on this site to begin with? In fact, why are you on the Internet at all?

  4. Btw, the picture was cropped to only show her face. I got the same photo on WhatsApp, but showing much more detail. Last I heard, we are not the Taliban. Women’s faces do not need to be veiled.

  5. The argument crasosner has made, is the classic argument that the yetzher hara always makes: You made this transgression, that means your entire avodas hashem is invalid, and you might as well do all other transgressions.

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    By posting a picture of a woman in public, you are hurting her, especially when she is currently under very hard times of just dying, and facing Hashem’s judgement. There is nothing worse you can to to a Jewish woman than violate her tznius.

  6. I didn’t see anyone complaining about pictures of AOC or that creepy North Korean sister of Kim Jong Un. Or, for that matter, pretty much anyone else, when it so pleases them. This was a young woman who was killed in the line of duty while serving in the army and I highly doubt that it would’ve disturbed her if someone showed a picture of her, especially after these sad circumstances. While you may have inside info about what’s going on in Shamayim with Hashem’s judgment, I think I can safely opine that people publishing a closely cropped picture of a murdered girl’s face is not something that the victim will be punished for. Even Devorah Paley’s picture was widely publicized after the horrific tragedy that occurred in February. And she is truly an ehrliche, aidel and tzniusdig woman!
    Btw, that was not my argument (about the Yetzer Hara…). My argument is: Stop erasing women. Women’s faces are not ervah! If it bothers you so much to see the face of a young murdered girl- get off this post or website or even the internet!

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