VIDEO: MK Chetboun: I Will Oppose Chareidi Draft Bill – It’s a Cultural War




MK Yoni Chetboun announced in the Knesset plenum on Tuesday, 9 Adar II, that he will not obey party discipline regarding the vote on the draft bill. The controversial bill is expected to be voted on in Knesset later in the day Wednesday, 10 Adar II 5774.

Chetboun announced proudly that he will not support a bill that will contribute to the destruction of the Torah World. “I will not be a part of the incitement and I will not be a part of the anti-Jewish move… The initiators of the law succeeded and the split from the chareidi tzibur is complete and therefore, I will not vote for it. As a major in the IDF reserves, and as an officer and a commander, I have decided today to stand firm on my principles and to oppose this anti-religious trend. I love the Torah and love our state, and I am a big believer in our wonderful people. ואהבת לרעך כמוך”, adding “this verse does not apply just in the IDF, but for each and every Jew, left or right, Ashkenazi or Sephardi, and even the chareidi tzibur” he stated.

Chetboun continues, questioning when the day will come that the “Israeli secular elite” will recognize the value of limud Torah and the contribution of the chareidim. He mentions the numerous anti-religious bills that have been pushed through in this Knesset, the cuts for monthly child allowance payments, the cuts to hesder yeshivot and much more. “My friends, this is an Israeli cultural war”.

Not taking the news lightly, senior Bayit Yehudi officials informed Chetboun that if he makes good on his threat he will be dealt with severely, and he will be removed from all party responsibilities, including serving on any and all Knesset committees and stripped of his title as a deputy speaker of the house.

See Chetboun’s inspiring nine minute address in Knesset:

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. “senior Bayit Yehudi officials informed Chetboun that if he makes good on his threat he will be dealt with severely”

    Wow! So that’s what happens if you don’t walk in lock step with Bennett?! Its time for the Bnei Torah of the DL to break away from the secular Mizrachi! Bennett has done more damage for the Frum ehrlicha DL Bnei Torah than anyone in History! Shame on Bennett!

  2. This is brilliant, almost a majority have told the Reshaim in charge that they will vote no.
    anyway how can Habayit Hayehudi strip him of all powers just for voting what he feels is correct

  3. If MK Yoni Chetboun stays true to his words and stands up to the grueling pressure he is facing from the evil trio of Netanyahu-Bennet-Lapid, then he will definitely be remembered as the ultimate mekadesh shem shamayim. On ben Peles of the modern day and age!
    Yoni, the entire Torah Judaism is behind you!

  4. Well, that ends his career within Bayit Yehudi. For all purposes, he’s now in the opposition and presumably will challenge Bennett or found a new party (which is quite difficult under the new law as he’ll need at least four seats to get in).

  5. Dear Mr Chetboun,

    I have just read your statement regarding your opposition to the ‘Haredi Draft Law’. I have to say kol hakavod to you for standing by your principles. You know that Torah is the most important thing for Am Yisrael and the source of our right to live in Eretz Yisrael.

    Yehi ratzon that הקב”ה should give you the strength to stand up to all those that oppose your position ושתזכה להרבות כבוד שמים.

    Yours sincerely,

  6. Ashrecha Yoni, yesh shekoneh olamo b’shaah achas!

    let’s daven bachdus this taanis esther and purim when “kol haposhet yad nosnim lo” that there should be a nahapoch hu and a hapala of eizos raos like in the days of mordechai & esther!!

  7. Wow!
    He’s a good speaker, hopefully will change other’s mind’s too.

    Good times for Klall Yisroel!
    Achdus in America (atzeres), Achdus in EY (beit Shemesh) brings only good!!

  8. 3 & 4

    Governments and coalition rules in Israel lack democracy and this is not new. Those who know the past events, know how parties voted or abstained as a majority for OSLO or Gush Katif. Yoni and Ayelet were formulating a Draft Law that is quite different than the one that Lapid devised, that was what he was doing.

  9. Kol HaKavod Lo — he should wear any ‘retribution’ as a badge of Torah honor. Sitting outside those meeting he’ll be like Avraham Avinu who was alone on one side of the world – and it was that side that the was the lasting, meaningful, holy side.

    Again, Kol HaKavod Lo