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Video That Shocked The Nation: Police Arrest Two Achim B’Neshek Anarchists

A video of anarchists shattering the windshield of a car with three small children sitting in it during the left-wing protest on Begin Highway in Jerusalem on Monday evening shocked those who saw it.

The incident began with a visibly religious woman sitting in her car with her three children, stuck on the blocked highway for about two hours. Her children were perturbed by the long wait in the car and their empty stomachs even prior to the shocking violent incident, when two left-wing protesters, who were well aware that children were in the car, shattered the car’s windshield by banging it with their flagpoles.

The terrified children began screaming and crying and it was a miracle they weren’t injured by the shattered glass. The mother, who was interviewed by news outlets the next day, said that her children are still traumatized and didn’t sleep that night. One of her children already suffers from anxiety and his condition has now worsened.

Following the incident, Israel Police launched an investigation and discovered that the two suspects had also confronted another driver and allegedly hit his car as well.

The police arrested the first suspect, a 45-year-old resident of Hod HaSharon, on Monday evening in Gan Sacher [where protesters were sleeping in tents]. He was imprisoned following his interrogation and brought to court on Tuesday morning, where the police requested to extend his detention. The court decided to send him to house arrest, and the police appealed the decision to the district court.

The second suspect, a 39-year-old resident of Tel Aviv, was arrested on Tuesday, and predictably, the court also sent him home to house arrest. The police appealed the decision.

A police officer on Tuesday commented on the protest on Begin, saying: “What happened yesterday on Begin Highway was the furthest thing from a legal protest, but a disturbance of order and a violent riot for its own sake.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

10 Responses

  1. Erev rav chilonim on their last leg. 4/5th didn’t make it out of Mitzrayim. Yesh din viyesh dayin.

  2. This is the the democracy they want! These two thugs were sent home! This is another reason why judicial reform is necessary!

  3. They should be punished. This he anarchist who don’t care also about children.The only thing is to destroy car and other things.I m wondering if they are jews at all.They dont behalf like this and a non jewish would not harm children.But in the so called Jewish state if you are not chareidi or religious you allowed to do everything
    and this is called democracy

  4. The court did not take into consideration that these two violent monsters terrorized little children, and these children and their mother are now suffering the consequences of this violent attack which could have killed them. How they can be let out to “house arrest” is an abuse of justice.

  5. yes its hard to believe these thugs are yiden. one thing that stuck out to me though was the mother abandoning her terrified kids to find out who did it. the kids are freaking out as it is her job is to comfort them/ calm them down not get the perpetrator on camera and leave them. her first achrayus to her kids.

  6. “House Arrest”??????

    They are terrorists who terrorized civilians.
    Is this how the judges deal with terrorists?

  7. ClearKop, I was thinking the same. Why did this mother abandon her kids, with this vicious mob ready to attack? I would like to think the window was banged on to scare the family, a bump on the window that accidentally broke it.
    The mother filming and provoking the protestors is also a bit worrisome. Sure, film for protection but she was pushing their buttons. This is a classic case of Sinas Chinam, baseless hatred. Please can everyone just kill them with kindness? Most of these issues would fall away if we just smiled and welcomed these Erev Rav into our lives. Its not their fault they don’t have religion, it’s likely more our fault.

  8. Yes @Reiven,
    unfortunately this is the way THESE judges deal with it, they are also for letting all kind of terrorists roam the streets instead of being locked up forever ym”sh……..

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