Hikind Encourages Pollard To Reject Release


pollardnAssemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) says he has nothing but respect for Jonathan Pollard’s position in opposing to be freed from a U.S. jail in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. Pollard’s position was shared by Israeli Knesset Member Uri Ariel who told the AP that people close to Pollard said he opposes such a “shameful deal.”

“As I said yesterday, Jonathan Pollard has been imprisoned too long by any standards, and we pray each day for his release, but the United States should not be advocating the release of murderers and terrorists. Of course, Pollard should be released, but his release should in no way be connected with the release of murderers and terrorists who are sitting in Israeli prisons for their crimes against innocent men, women and children. History shows that a large percentage of those released will return to commit further acts of terror against innocents.

“I applaud Jonathan’s courage. I applaud his integrity. Half of his life has been spent in jail and yet he is still willing to remain behind bars rather than let loose those who would murder innocent victims. We can all learn a great lesson from Jonathan Pollard.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Here we go again. Please the greenfield news. Please for a change find something positive about hikind. Does each and every article have to bash him. Lets make a mistake once and write about the good he does too. After all he does personally try helping anybody he could. Find me somebody that needed assistance he was able to provide and didn’t.

    Moderators Response: Sir, this was written by HIKIND. It is a press release. Hows that? Hikind writes his own stupidity, no need for anyone to help him.