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The Business Engine Launches Free Small Business Journal

CoverAfter being in the  forefront of job placement in the New York and New Jersey area for over 5 years, The Business Engine, has recently taken their knowledge of the placement field to the next level with the launch of  The Small Business Journal. This journal takes the many businesses they have worked with, such as Roth & Co., Riverside Abstract, Broad Financial, and Eastern Union among many others, and builds upon their experience and accomplishments to guide other businesses in writing their own success story. The first edition features the cover story about Ben Brafman.  The cover story titled, “It took me 40 years to become an “Overnight Success” describing the long and grueling process it takes to climb the ladder of success and tells of many others who have been down the same road.

The business journal aims to assist individuals who are engaged in running small, family-based business, or are actively  expanding a corporation with many employees. It offers Business knowledge, Business access, & Business opportunity – all in one magazine.  Since the Business Engine works in conjunction with so many businesses, the Small Business Journal pools  knowledge and resources to help others in their business dealings.

The Business Engine has been the platform that businesses have turned to when looking to fill an opening and the many businesses they work with have gladly shared their knowledge and success to help others who may be looking to achieve the same results for themselves.

“Those newcomers to the business field will now have an easier time following the path that has already been cleared of obstacles by so many before them” the editor of SBJ proudly exclaims.

To receive a free copy of the Small Business Journal to your home or business simply email [email protected]  call them today at 1-855-224-2160 or view the journal online at

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