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Biden’s Refusal of Arms to Israel – Watch Roy Neuberger

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  1. I don’t know much about this guy but his hyperbole about Biden “abandoning” Israel shows a high level of ignorance of the legal and political dynamics of arms transfers.
    The U.S. has sent over $10 billion in arms to Israel since October 7th and there are billions more in the pipeline that are unaffected by the single shipment of 200l lb bombs being deferred. We have maintained a large naval armada off the coast of EY and in the Red Sea and Persian Gulf that was instrumental in shooting down a large portion of the rockets and drones launched by Iran.
    Biden is trying to thread the political needle in his own party and a growing number of Republicans questioning the aid packages and delaying any massive carpet bombing of Rafah with 2,000 ordinance was a strategic decision. Biden may be sacrificing his own reelection with his nearly unconditional support of the Gaza war but like many Israelis, he has legitimate questions on Bibi’s plans and rhetoric.

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